Thorough Home Safety Checks


March 2006

Thanks to the Better Neighbourhood Scheme, over 18 houses in Lismore have been given a thorough safety check.  Brian Robbins, from the Trading Standards Home Safety Project of Argyll and Bute, has been in at least 19 houses and checked a great variety of possible perils. And it was all free if you were over 65 or have children under 5 or were vulnerable in any other way. It's a great service," I remarked to him as he went about checking everything in Krystal and Tony Lutyens house at Achinduin. Their small puppy Isla played around us very excited to see so many visitors. Pete Walker was there too as he and Janette Stewart run the scheme on the island where it is clearly improving senior lives dramatically with the "granny" bus getting them out and about, the lunch club on a Monday and much more.

Brian was checking all electrics - televisions, microwaves, plugs, electric blankets etc - as well as fitting and/or testing smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and seeing if there were dangerous rugs likely to cause a "slip and trip". The work should pay for itself if all these dangers are taken care of and damage to person and property is restricted to utterly unforeseeable accidents. He recommended that we all get these things done even if it means paying, as the cost of a spell off work and/or replacing property can be very high, never mind the cost to the tax payer.

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