Isle of Lismore news

2006 in words and pictures

Chris Small reviews Donald Black's book (December 2006)

Death of Anthony Lionel Lutyens (31st December 2006)

Children's Christmas party (24th December 2006)

Christmas pantomime (14th December 2006)

Oban Hospice Fund update (28th December 2006)

St Andrew's night ceilidh broadcast worldwide (30th November 2006)

Woodland project and art from Lismore Primary School (17th November 2006)

MacColl wedding dance (28th October 2006)

Halloween (3rd November 2006)

Comann Eachdraidh update (November 2006)

Two Liosachs join the Merchant Navy (October 2006)

Anthony Lutyens walking for Oban Hospice appeal (13th November 2006)

Lismore Post Office the best in rural Scotland (October 2006) new photos added

  Launch of Donald Black's book (23rd October 2006)

Hall Committee fund raising weekend (22nd September 2006) and ......

......... Red Reel Band workshop (23rd September 2006)

Radio nan Gaidheal visits (5th October 2006)

Comunn na Gaidhlig AGM held in Lismore (21st September 2006)

Royal National Lifeboat visit (September 2006)

Gaelic Heritage Museum in progress (17th September 2006)

The Appin Show – launch of Explore Appin and Lismore (10th August 2006)

Farewell to The Rev Murdoch and family (20th August 2006)

Comann Eachdraidh and Guild coffee days (4th & 10th August 2006)

Comann Eachdraidh ceilidh (18th August 2006)

Liberal Democrats' visit (17th August 2006)

Art and Photography Exhibition (9th August 2006)

Scottish Water and Jim Mather MSP visit (not together) (8th August 2006)

Barn Dance (22nd July 2006)

Sports and raft race (22nd July 2006)

Guild sale of work (21st July 2006)

Tea and scones at Point Cottage (13th July 2006)

Comann Eachdriadh news (28th July 2006)

Oban Feis (7th June 2006)

Lismore School Fête (8th July 2006)

Limekilns' talk (14th June 2006)

Mapping memories of Lismore (June 2006)

Comann Eachdraidh news (1st July 2006)

The Mòd, school concert and plant sale (6th June 2006)

Lismore shinty success (10th June 2006)

Islanders facing emergency medical cover crisis (3rd June 2006)

A momentous moment – the museum building is underway (22nd May 2006)

Children's author Malachy Doyle visits the school (15th May 2006)

Comann Eachdraidh news (25th May 2006)

Lismore hosts Scottish country dance (13th May 2006)

Highlands and Islands Music and Dance Festival (May 2006)

Butterfly Day in Oban of great interest to Lismore (20th May 2006)

Malawi fund raising tea (22nd April 2006)

Community tops donate more sports equipment (22nd April 2006)

Comann Eachdraidh news update (7th April 2006)

Primary children raise funds (27th March 2006)

A farewell to Beth Campbell (31st March 2006)

Orkestra Del Sol – a great band visits (24th March 2006)

The Buchanan family – 5 generations (26th March 2006)

Archivist on the MacCaigs (17th March 2006)

Fund raising dinner for Malawi (18th March 2006)

"Explore Appin and Lismore" final report (a summary) (17th March 2006)

2 Updates: petrol and out-of-hours medical cover (March 2006)

Thorough home safety checks – (March 2006)

Explore Appin & Lismore – consultants' report due (March 2006)

Quick action saves lives: fire at Mid Farm Achinduin (March 2006)

Lismore supplies Strathclyde Fire Service baskets (March 2006)

The community bus (February 2006)

Nature notes (February 2006)

Grandchildren carry on the Gaelic traditions (February 2006)

Comann Eachdraidh news update (15th February 2006)

Valentine tea (12th February 2006)

Comann Eachdraidh exhibition (9th - 10th February 2006)

Art Group outing (February 2006)

New Museum Development Officer (January 2006)

Burns supper (27th January 2006)

Staying Put scheme funding in jeopardy (2nd February 2006)

In memory of Dorothy Anne (Doranne) Willis 1922-2005

Community Tops Sports' Day (14th January 2006)

News in brief

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