Royal National Lifeboat Visit


September 2006

Operations Manager Douglas Craig, Donald MacCormick,

Archie MacGillivary and Coxswain Ronnie MacKillop


On a beautiful evening in September the Oban Lifeboat paid a visit to Achnacroich to collect the £1000 cheque which was the greater part of the money raised at the Summer barn dance. A further £360 went to Mairi Perkins’ charity cycle in Malawi. This year the dance was held as usual at Baligarve but run by Archie MacGillivary as Donnie and Anne MacCormick had bowed out after several very successful years organising this very popular summer event. It has always been an extraordinary fund raiser thanks to the generosity of islanders and the many visitors who come every year for Lismore’s busiest weekend which includes a dance, the raft race and sports and culminates in the barn dance.


After the formal handover of the cheque the “Mora Edith MacDonald” was opened to the islanders and the coxswain Ronnie MacKillop and crew tried to explain the bewildering array of sophisticated equipment it now takes to run such a successful rescue boat. It was a great chance for children and adults to see the inside of a vessel we normally watch from the shore.


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