Raft Race and Sports


22 July 2006


Saturday is the big day and the enthusiasm for the Raft Race and Sports seems to be greater every year. Many people come to the island just for the fun and cut throat competition of this day and there were many ingenious rafts with varying degrees of buoyancy and stability. The Lismore Café (designed and built by Dave Meddes) won both races despite the junior crew being knocked off course by the marshalling boat just before they rounded the last buoy which allowed the Ironing Board to overtake. However the Lismore Café made up the time and no enquiry was needed. The best designed raft also went to Dave Meddes.




The day was perfect for sports with plenty of warmth but enough cloud cover to keep it comfortable. Clumps of spectators made themselves at home on the raised ground above the field at Sailen, some even going so far as bringing their dining room chairs. The races were extremely well organised by a willing and efficient committee with plenty of volunteers to marshal the track and field events and run the refreshment tent.


There were races for pre 5s through to veterans as well as hammer throwing, discus, sheaf tossing and the junior and senior hill races. The climax is always the titanic struggle between the north and south of the island in the tug of war: the north triumphed in both the junior and senior events.


An innovation was the children’s obstacle race set and supervised by Dale Kubrik. It proved very popular although the youngest were a little disconcerted by all that crawling under nets and stepping in and out of buckets and were forgiven for not always grasping the rules.


Last 3 from Jim Millard


The prize winners were: Teenage Boys 1 Calum MacColl, 2 Lamont MacGillivary, 3 Duncan MacLean. Teenage Girls 1 Rachel MacLean, 2 Josie Meddes, 3 Marie Carmichael. Ladies 1 Teenie Wilson, 2 Denise Willis, 2 Eilidh….. Men 1 Robbie Cook, 2 Andy Turner, 3 Andrew MacGillivary.  The Ted Memorial Cup presented by George MacColl on leaving Lismore for New Zealand in memory of his dog Ted, went to Robbie Cook.


The hill races were won by: Junior Calum McGillivary and Eilidh Willis, Intermediate Lamont MacGillivary and Josie Meddes, Senior Robbie Cook and Melanie Morton.


Thanks to Jim Millard for the following record of the gamut of emotions the tug of war produces.





and then there was the barn dance.......

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