Two Recent Visits


   8 August 2006


Scottish Water


Scottish Water held an open day in the hall to update the community on the water supply that is coming in for the school. The Scottish Executive is in the process of connecting all primary schools currently connected to private supplies to the public network. The work will be extensive and expensive as a pipe is to be brought in near the north end and travel to Achnacroish. Properties along the way were advised that connection may be possible at some time depending on the level of interest and available funding.



Politicianís visit


The Scottish National Party MSP, Jim Mather, spent a day on Lismore visiting homes, holding a surgery in the hall, and afterwards an open meeting. Islandersí major concerns figured prominently in the questions raised: the ferry,  Scottish Water bringing a supply to the school but not initially supplying any further houses or public buildings, and the provision of health care with the island having no medical cover after hours and on the weekends since the relief nurse left and was not replaced. Jim Mather stressed that he was interested in creating a level playing field for disadvantaged communities so that they could develop and thrive alongside advantaged ones. This would keep Scotland populated in its entirety and not exacerbate the drift to towns and cities. Money needed to be put into transport links and such things as the provision of broadband as that way lay prosperity.



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