A Play, a Concert and a Plant Sale


   6 June 2006  




The Mod


There were several successes for Lismore children at the Oban Mod in May with John Carmichael 1st, Eilidh Willis 2nd, and Euan Perkins 3rd in the 9-11 poetry; Colin Black 1st and Calum MacGillivray 2nd in the boys’ 10-12 singing and Kirsty Wright 1st and Shona Wright 2nd in the girls’ 5-8 singing. 


Play and Concert


For the benefit of a large audience of islanders, these winners performed their solos at a special concert at the school. In blazing sun they and the Mod choir, consisting of every child in the school, performed a lively bracket of songs. The concert opened with the Gaelic play they staged at the Feis at Oban High School.


The cast



Liz and Tom MacPherson, staying in Port Appin made it to the concert having seen it advertised on this website


Plant Sale...


After an interval for tea, Tony Baker ran a very popular plant sale as well as filling planters on request all for school funds.


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