Music and Dance Festival


May 2006


Lismore Primary School had two Country Dancing teams in the Highlands and Islands Music and Dance festival and it was the first outing for their new dancing shoes bought from the children’s fund raising and some very generous donations. Looking very smart in their white shirts and black trousers for the boys, and kilts and white shirts for the girls, the older team danced A Jig for Mrs Dunn and the younger a Cumberland Reel. Anne Livingstone, the children’s dance teacher, said the adjudications of their performances were both favourable and encouraging. And they had many supporters to see and appreciate them both from Lismore and beyond.


Thanks go to all those who supported the school fundraising afternoon, to Head teacher Freda MacGregor, Oban FM ‘Cash for Kids’, and Health Walks Unlimited,  visitors to the island who, hearing of the children’s fund raising, had a whip round.


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