School Fête

13th August 2005

There was plenty for everyone at this year’s school fête: games, raffles, lucky dips, toys, books and bric-a-brac and, most popular of all, the delicious baking. Flora MacLean got everything under way when, with a nod from head teacher Freda MacGregor, she rang the school bell. Then it was a matter of getting what you had had your eye on quickly before it disappeared.

The weather stayed fine for the outdoor games of chance; throwing the 50p nearest the whisky bottle proving, as ever, very popular. And despite the crowds everyone managed to get a cup of tea and cakes thanks to the hard work of the many parents who organised the fête.

Outside Jennifer Baker was kept busy selling the plants the children had grown under the careful eye of Tony Baker, and Fire fighter Tony McLarney was on hand to show off the fire engine while Duncan Brooks was inside giving out safety leaflets and taking the names of those who wanted a safety check done on their homes.

The following were successful in the raffle: Teenie Wilson, Dominic Bass, Norma Black, Connor McLarney, Iris MacColl, Hilary Sargisson, Flora MacLean, Anna Stewart, Peggy Nicholoson, Valerie Reynolds, Scott Barr, Carol Watson, Paula Low, Findlay Davidson, Harry Morton, Beth Campbell, Anne MacCormick, Shannon Howie, Connor McLarney, Calum MacGillivray, Linda Lawrie, Kara Willis, Mhairi Smith, and Murray Willis.

When the crowds disappeared the clearing up and totting up began and the hard work was rewarded with a clear profit of £592.


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