Sports and Raft Race on 30th July 2005

A record number of rafts took place in the annual race at Sailean including entries from New Zealand and the team of archaeologists who were otherwise busy excavating Lismore’s Iron Age sites. A capacity crowd of locals and visitors packed the shore as David White waved the chequered flag and the children paddled furiously despite a stiffish north east wind. A joint Scottish New Zealand team were first in a very impressive raft. The adult race was won by Douglas and Lorne MacDougall in a tin bath with an archaeologist coming second in what appeared to be polystyrene and parcel tape aquaplane.

Apart from the usual running, throwing, leaping and tossing, the sports also introduced an obstacle race involving car tyres, buckets of water and a fire hose which was popular with all ages. Another popular innovation was the presence of fire-fighters Duncan Brooks and Dave Meddes and their brand new engine. There to promote Community Fire Safety, in particular to educate the public about fire risks in the home, it was a dream for any child wanting to sit in the engine, see the hose demonstrated and get a free hat and badge. The adults took away the information leaflets.

Grateful thanks to Lismore Stores, Alison and Iain Weir, Hubert and Anne Saldanha, Donald and Alison MacLean for the Shields, Gilly and Roger and friends for the food, Eric and David for the PA system, Archie MaColl, Archie MacGillivray, John, Jane, Gilleasbuig, Mark, David, Norma, Carol and Julian for all the field work, Pauline for story and Pauline and Davide White for the photos and to the many volunteers who assisted with the events and races.

A huge thank you to all the people who came along and took part in the events (the largest number of competitors we have seen for many a year) and/or supported the competitors and enjoyed the day with us. We hope to see you all again next year.


Raft Race

Children's Tiaratangawanga 1st
Adults'/Teens' That Sinking Feeling 1st


Shield & 'Ted' Memorial Cup Robbie Cook 1st
Teen Shield Lorne MacDougall 1st
Ladies' Shield Denise Willis 1st
Female Teen Shield Rachel MacLean 1st
Men Hill Race Alastair Green 1st
Ladies Hill Race Jo Culver 1st
Teen Hill Race D MacLean 1st
Child Hill Race Callum MacGillivray
(First girl home Holly Morton)

Tug of War

Men's South
Women's South
Teenagers' South
Children's South


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