Barbecue and Barn Dance at Baligarve

30th July 2005

A huge crowd turned up to Donnie and Anne MacCormick’s Barbeque and Barn Dance and the band – The Neil Sinclair Sound – said it was the longest Strip the Willow they had ever seen. Sadly Donnie and Anne are hanging up their barbecue tongs after six years of raising thousand of pounds for various charities. In announcing this Donnie said that anyone was welcome to use their barn to continue what has become a great attraction at the end of the Sports and Raft Race with delicious food and great dancing. Before the raffle was drawn and the auction of various donated gifts began, Margaret Black thanked Donnie and Anne for their generosity to this year beneficiary Alzheimer’s Scotland and Beth Campbell presented flowers to Anne and a collection from all present. The evening raised an astonishing £2340 for Alzheimer's Scotland.


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