Jessie Stewart celebrates her 80th birthday

21st July 2005

Close friends and family of Jessie Stewart of The Mill, Balnagowan celebrated her 80th birthday on 21st July 2005. Jessie was adamant that she didn't want anything big in the hall but greatly enjoyed the fuss put on by her daughters, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews.

Jessie Macgregor MacCormick was born at The Mill the younger daughter of Alice and Dugald MacCormick and sister of the late Morag MacCormick Ross. Unlike Morag, who left Lismore to nurse, Jessie has lived all her days here, contributing a great deal to the community in countless ways. After leaving Balnagowan School she worked for 15 years in the shop before marrying Joseph Shankland Stewart on the 28th September 1954 in Oban Parish Church. She worked alongside Joe until his death in 1979 running the taxi and the school contract, farming at The Mill and raising their three daughters, Alison, Anna, and Janette.

Jessie's hospitality is legendary and her welcoming of all comers to Lismore and The Mill likewise. This is the way she has met many of her huge circle of friends. Her daughters all live on Lismore with their families and she has played a huge part in raising her six grandchildren, the yougest being Shayne who is just 2 years old. She also has a great granddaughter Shannon who lives in Glasgow.


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