Italian night on 7th May 2005

Once again Beth Campbell and Tony McLarney excelled themselves in providing food worthy of professionals in their series of dining experiences from around the world. The tickets were all sold as soon they went on sale and, apart from a few cancellations as a result of lambs coming at inconvenient times, most of the 60 seats were taken. The huge menu, which started with a choice of minestrone or tomato and basil soup, was followed by a great variety of mains including Mediterranean Roasted Fish, Italian Lemon Chicken, gnocchi with tomato sauce, sausage ragu, creamed leeks and a selection of meat and vegetarian pasta dishes. Sweets were three varieties of biscotti dipped in sweet Italian wine. All the food was freshly prepared and the evening profits will go towards a Youth Club Summer Day out to the safari park in Stirling.


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