Youth Club Burns supper

22nd January 2005

History was made on Lismore when the Youth Club hosted the first ever Burns Supper. And what a massive success they made of it. Crucial to this success were Beth Campbell (Youth Club leader) and Tony McLarney who did all the planning, shopping and cooking and, together with a small band of helpers, made sure the Hall was suitably tartanned and intimately lit with 60 places set and ready for the very keen diners. Originally they had planned 40 places but, as the demand was so high, they extended it to 60 and even then there was a waiting list.

And it all went off without a hitch in an atmosphere which could only be described as communal harmony. Before the Cockaleekie Soup, Freda MacGregor said the Selkirk Grace and she also later invoked the Immortal Memory which was both learned, witty and greatly appreciated. As was her recitation of Tam O’Shanter. Peter Buchanan addressed the Haggis and after we had all had our fill of it with neaps, carrots and tatties, he gave us a fine rendition of Death and Doctor Hornbook. Sadly no-one rose to address the lassies but Jane Muirhead, undaunted, replied with a witty and good hearted toast to the lads in the hope that next year she would have something to reply to.

After the cranachan, Beth thanked Freda, Peter and Jane for their spirited performances and Donnie MacCormick and Ina MacColl for the vegetables. Beth and Tony were presented with thank you gifts from all present and Beth said that half the £300 raised would go to help the Lismore Lighthouse Band make their next CD, and the rest to the Youth Club some of which they would use to pack boxes for the Tsunami Relief Fund.

Catriona White has kindly pointed out that tartan and Burns have no connection whatsoever – he was a lowlander (Sassenach in Gaelic). Also that the Guild have had two Burns suppers which were open to non members but not patronised by them and though not as traditional as the Youth Club, one surely still could be counted. Thanks Catriona – Always grateful for corrections. Ed.


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