School Coffee Evening on 2nd December 2004

We were all invited to take coffee and tea with the primary school children to help raise funds for their Enterprise Project. In January 2005 they are planning to grow plants for selling, using cuttings from the school garden as well as buying in plants and seeds. With New Opportunities and Enterprise funding they already have a greenhouse and a polytunnel.

Dressed fetchingly in white aprons, the children played their roles as waiters, sold raffle tickets and, afterwards, they each read the work they had done following a visit from the Emergency Services. We heard how the Firefighters, the Ambulance, the Police and the Coastguard all work separately and in tandem to keep children and adults safe.

As we left we voted for the best logo and art work the children had done for the new business. John Carmichael ‘s “The Big Garden” was the most popular and appropriate as Lios Ṃr means the big Garden.

The school has also recently become an eco school and is recycling newspapers, old clothes and shoes.


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