A pink afternoon tea for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

28th November 2004

As part of their continuing fund raising for the Breakthrough Breast Cancer £1000 Challenge, Beth Campbell and Ellen Slingsby invited the island to a pink afternoon tea. Wear something pink said the invitation or buy a tartan ribbon when you arrive if your wardrobe is pink deficient. As Challengers, Beth and Ellen had pledged to raise £1000 to help fund vital research and to raise awareness of the 1000 women a month who die of breast cancer in the hope that more lives can be saved.

Last summer they organised a Crocus walk and in 2005 we will be invited to walk the length of the island by moonlight in bras decorated in, well, preferably pink. Beth and Ellen have already met their £1000 challenge and Sunday’s tea raised £313 in total with £255 going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and £78 from the sale of the ribbons to the Scottish Breast Cancer Campaign.

Jane Muirhead won the box of goodies from Lush.


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