CELM Lottery party on 6th November 2004

To celebrate their first 10 years, the Heritage Lottery Fund threw a nationwide party. On Lismore this was hosted by the Comann Eachdraidh who were also celebrating their part in the £2.2m lottery grant which is to support 38 projects across Argyll's islands. The money will bring huge benefits to both inhabitants and visitors and will go towards the building of a Gaelic Heritage Museum alongside their award winning reconstructed crofter's cottage – Taigh Iseabal Dhaidh. The museum will not only bring the history and heritage of Lismore alive, but also provide a public research centre, a restaurant and gift shop, a social centre, a library, IT and learning facilities, a craft outlet and most importantly a much needed place for the keeping of Lismore’s historical archive.

Tony Perkins, the Project Manager, welcomed all to the party and, in reply, Archie MacColl thanked him for his work in getting the funding. There were songs and recitations from the children decked out in National Lottery Tee shirts and the Lismore Lighthouse Band ended the entertainment with a selection of their very popular lively numbers.

As well as the party fare there were displays of the new building which is to be environmentally friendly and low tech. Part of the outer structure is to be 2000 wooden planks which supporters can sponsor at £10 a plank with the promise that sponsors’ names will be recorded on a special plaque. The newly developed Historical Society website www.celm.org.uk has full details of the project including information on how to buy a plank.


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