Halloween Party on 30th October 2004

This year’s Halloween Party was a huge success thanks in no small part to Freda MacGregor, Head Teacher of the primary school, who dressed up as Jeeves the Cat and organised a great many fun games for the children. Hubert Saldhana judged the fancy dress parade, and, from the many entries from children, teens and adults, the following were successful: Pre 5 – Primary 3 Kara Willis as a fearsome crocodile; Primaries 4 – 7 Joe Derham as an old man: High school and adult – Katie Wright as a new age witch.

The atmosphere in the hall was created by spooky decorations and lots of pumpkin lanterns. After the games and parade the children ate a hearty supper, dooked for apples and were then given a lucky bag before they all went out guising.


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