Fire station becomes operative on 1st October 2004

Lismore’s new Fire Station became operative on 1st October although it will be some months before the fully equipped water carrying engine arrives. In the meantime a two person land rover capable of driving anywhere, but not of carrying water or manpower, will stand in. Station Officer Robert Boag from Strathclyde Fire Services connected the station to the Command Headquarters at Clydebank and from now on all calls will be directed there and the 9 volunteer firefighters on Lismore will be paged.

The firefighters are led by Duncan Brooks with deputy Dave Meddes and the crew are Gilleasbuig Black, Gill Bridle, John Carmichael, Jon Derham, Tony McLarney, Mairi Perkins and Mark Willis. There is currently a vacancy which, when filled, will bring the crew to ten.

The old Strathclyde Fire Hut which sat so long near the hall and was easily mistaken for a hen house – left Lismore the day the new engine arrived.


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