Congratulations Andy

42kms round Lismore

30th August 2004

Despite a brisk northwest wind our ferryman Andy Jamieson completed his marathon swim in just over eleven hours. He left Point at 6am and swam with the tide down the back of the island to the lighthouse where he rested for about half an hour waiting for the tide to change so he could begin his his swim back to Point. He was accompanied by David Aspinall on his boat Kraken who kept him on track, gave him water and fruit during short breaks, and kept in touch with the support party on shore. Otherwise Andy survived with just a sodium supplement pack attached to his wetsuit to prevent dehydration and hypothermia. Unfortunately, as Andy was almost an hour earlier than expected, the welcoming party had not fully assembled and the bunting was still on its way. However those that were there gave him a rousing reception and were amazed at his comparative fitness after such a gruelling swim. Jane Muirhead said that the swim had been longer in nautical miles than the English channel and Andy said his arms were numb to prove it.

Just before 5pm we were all peering towards the Kraken and could just see Andy's arms breaking the surface. As he arrived at Point he removed his mask, breathing apparatus and flippers before walking ashore. Jane Muirhead met and congratulated him and he still had the energy to chat and stand in front of the Anthony Nolan Trust banner before swimming back to the Kraken and heading for Port Appin.

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