Andy Jamieson's swimming plans

2004: 42kms round Lismore

2005: 200kms round Mull

2006: Cape Wrath to Land's End

Raising Funds for The Anthony Nolan Trust

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Andy Jamieson


An employee of Foster Yeoman, Andy is one of the Port Appin to Lismore ferrymen and, if you don’t see him on the ferry, you’re very likely to see him swimming in the sea. This year, 2004, Andy intends to swim around Lismore to raise funds for the Anthony Nolan Trust and for the children of Lismore. The swim will hopefully take place on Sunday 29 August, but this will of course depend on the weather. He hopes to complete the swim in 12 hours, starting at Point, swimming down the “back” (Glensanda side) of the island through the rips at the south near the lighthouse and coming back up the “front” in the warmer water.

This year Andy would like to raise £35,000. 90% of the total raised will go to the Anthony Nolan Trust, and the other 10% to the Youth Club on Lismore to allow for some of the children’s projects to be completed, and for others to be planned.

The Anthony Nolan Trust

Every year, thousands of people with bone marrow diseases such as leukaemia, aplastic anaemia and inborn metabolic and immune deficiency disorders, reach a stage where only a bone marrow transplant can possibly save them. Family members, particularly brothers and sisters, can make the best matches. However, this is not always possible and patients must hope that an unrelated volunteer donor will be found.

Lismore Youth Club

The Youth Club is held in the Community Hall on a Saturday. The Club is open to every child on the island, no matter what their age. Funds raised and donated to the club will enable them to have trips to the cinema, visits to the local soft play centre as well as funding new equipment and toys. Beth Campbell, leader of the Youth Club on Lismore said, “Whatever money Andy raises for us will be used to finish developments already in place as well as to fund new ones. What these new ones will be will depend on what the kids want.”

What Next?


Now you may think that swimming 42kms would be enough for anyone, but in 2005, Andy intends to swim around the Island of Mull. That swim will be over 200kms and Andy thinks it will take him around 9 days. The majority of the funds will go to the Anthony Nolan Trust, with a small percentage also going to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI). Andy hasn’t yet decided on a fundraising total to aspire to…


2006 sees Andy turning 40. To celebrate he intends to swim from Cape Wrath on the North Coast of Scotland down the West Coast to Land’s End. This has never before been attempted, and Andy thinks that because it is such an unusual event, it deserves a lot of fundraising. He’s decided a minimum of £1million could be raised for The Anthony Nolan Trust, again with some funds going to the RNLI.

What Can You Do to "Make a Difference"?

On the ferry

Pick up a leaflet on the ferry, fill in the sponsor form, buy a quiz sheet, make a donation there and then to the ferryman.

On the island?

Buy a quiz sheet from the shop or from the ferry. Give a donation, or pop your change into the box in the shop.

Somewhere else in the world!

Tell people about Andy’s Swim, register with The Anthony Nolan Trust as a donor. Have a fundraising event for Andy’s Swim. You could have a coffee morning, a quiz night, or get in touch and get a quiz to sell locally sending the profits to “Andy’s Swim”. Or you can simply donate money to help Andy achieve his fundraising total of £35,000. You donate online at or send a cheque or postal order to “Andy’s Swim”, Isle of Lismore, Argyll, PA34 5UL. For more information, contact Jane on 07745 635492.

Andy Jamieson Andy Jamieson


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