Lismore Lighthouse Band

30th July 2004

The Lismore Lighthouse band delighted a packed hall recently with an interesting and varied programme of jigs, reels, marches, songs (popular and traditional) and a country and western set which not only showed their individual and ensemble playing but also had feet tapping from start to finish.

For such a young band they showed remarkable confidence and stage presence taking turns to introduce the items. The five members – Marie Carmichael, Maria and Richard Bartlett, and Lorne and Douglas MacDougall – have been playing together for over three years with a sell out CD plus a gold medal from the 2003 Royal National Mod in Oban. They are hoping that the funds raised from this concert will help towards another CD and a trip to Canada next year.

As well as playing the accordions, Maria and Marie were in fine voice for two sets of songs in Gaelic and English, Lorne played the fiddle and mouth organ, Richard the fiddle and accordion, and Lorne and Douglas played together on fiddle and accordion. They were joined by Lamont MacGillivray who recited his Mod piece, the lovely singing of Sarah Urquhart, and her brother Stuart who gave some accordion solos.

The audience demanded an encore from the band but before they played it they thanked Anne Barr, their coach and mentor, Mary MacDougall for her work with the girls’ singing, Neil Carmichael for the catering and Fay Carmichael for organising the raffle.


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