Beth Campbell's presentation

7th July 2004

The hall was full to say a sad farewell to Beth Campbell, leaving Lismore’s nursing staff after thirteen years. Nurse Practitioner Marie Perkins spoke of what a help Beth had been when she first came to Lismore, a stranger to island life and to the people, and of how they had worked together to offer a round the clock service.

Although born and brought up on Lismore, Beth had left to train as a nurse in 1976. She then worked in both Scotland and England and when she returned in 1989 her intention had been to go into education. However when she discovered she was to have her son Andrei these plans changed and she began to work as a nurse initially with Margaret Black, then Roma Black, Meg Toole, Anne Pearson, and finally alongside Marie Perkins.

Nurse Buchanan, as Lismore’s oldest nurse and resident is still known today, presented Beth with an engraved crystal bowl, a selection of plants for her garden (one called Clematis Elizabeth) and champagne. She was both sorry and happy, she said: sorry that Beth was leaving, and happy that she was moving on yet would still be on the island. She had known Beth since she was a child, watched her grow up and in the end had benefited from her service which, she said (to much applause), she gave of generously to young and old.

Beth thanked everyone for coming inside on one of our rare beautiful days this year, and for their generosity. She laid to rest rumours that she and her family were leaving Lismore and said, although she would shortly be starting full time work at the Lynn of Lorne nursing home in Benderloch she would be travelling daily and still taking her usual active part in Lismore community life. She spoke of the early days and how strange it had been at first to be going into everyone’s homes in a professional capacity and even stranger getting to know the people in the north end, as in those days anything past the church was a foreign country.

Earlier in the week Port Appin surgery staff has said goodbye to Beth at an evening hosted by Dr Denise Matheson where she was presented with a silver bracelet and matching earrings. With the cash donation from both presentations Beth is intending to buy a painting from this year’s Lismore Art show in August.

We wish her great health and happiness in the future.


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