Lismore Primary School prizegiving

30th June 2004

The highlight of this year’s Lismore School prizegiving was a presentation to Mrs Doranne Willis in recognition of her years accompanying the children to every mòd since she retired as their head teacher in 1987. Doranne first started her Lismore teaching life at Baligarve in 1958, but she also taught at the second school at Baligrundle when Mrs MacColl was off ill, and when the two schools combined at Baligarve she taught there until the current one opened at Achnacroish.

After the children had been presented with certificates in subjects in which they had done well or made significant improvement, and Calum MacGillivray had been presented with a special prize for athletics, teacher Mary MacDougall told the children and parents of Doranne’s great support over the years. She even mentioned the time she had forgotten to ask Doranne whether she wanted a place on the bus to Glasgow, only to realise her mistake half way and to arrive to find Doranne already there. The two youngest pupils Kara and Leila gave her flowers and Mary presented her with two medals: a Gold National Mòd medal and a Bronze Oban Mòd one. The children then sang a selection of Gaelic songs in her honour and tea and biscuits were served.


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