Hebridean Princess visits

6th March 2004

On Saturday 6th March 2004 the Hebridean Princess made its first visit of the season. Around 16 passengers came ashore in two launches some to be taken in the Community Bus to the Church, Tigh Iseabel (the Heritage Cottage) and the Comann Eachdraidh collection, currently housed in the School House, and others to walk to places of their choice. John Livingstone and Donald Black were their driver and guide respectively so they had a fund of Lismore’s history and anecdotes at their disposal.

Among the passengers were Patricia and Peter Shelden seasoned cruisers from Toronto, who had been on the ship 15 times. Although they had visited 150 countries on various cruises none, they stressed, excited them as much as Scotland which they described as beautiful with very hospitable people. This was their third visit to Lismore.

Aileen Bradley and her husband, on the ship for the first time, came from Lyme Regis in Dorset although she is originally from Helensburgh. 'Great weather, great scenery and friendliness wherever they went' was their verdict


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