2003 News archive

Carol singing

Mary MacDougall led carol singers round Lismore brightening up the dark evenings of the December 21st and 22nd, trudging through mud and rain and raising £135 for Cancer Research and the York Hill Hospital.

Christmas Competition 2003 Results

The results are in for the Christmas Competition. More information and photos here.

Father Christmas

Father Christmas came to Lismore. Photos can be found here.

School Christmas Concert

The school's annual Christmas Concert was held on 18th December 2003. More information and photos here.

Double Tourism Award for Tigh Iseabal Dhaid

The Lismore Gaelic Heritage Society's reconstructed crofter's cottage has won two awards. More information and photos here.

Mull Gaelic Conversation day 15th November 2003

Margaret MacDonald was one of the teachers at this event. More information and photos here.

Scottish Country Dancing Class Celebrates

On 4th November 2003 there was a celebration to mark ten years of the Scottish Country Dance Class. More information and photos here.

Magomero 1893 – 1915

Deirdre Livingstone gave a presentation of her researches into the events that led up to her grandfather's death in Malawi. This was very interesting and somewhat different from the official version released at the time.

It was also a prelude to the book which she is expecting to publish next year.

Sponsored Toddle Waddle

Lismore held a sponsored walk on Thursday 16th October 2003 for the Meningitis Trust. The day was officially called a sponsored walk in support of the Meningitis Toddle Waddle. As we only have one Toddler the rest walked in support of him. The walkers – all 41 of them – walked a collective 262.5 miles. The youngest walker was 2 years old, the oldest a little over 50!? Our toddler toddled for quarter of a mile, the older participants walked 10 miles (the fastest home completed that in 2 hours 20 mins) and the younger participants, including our two babies with their Mums, walked or were pushed 3 miles. The walkers raised £752.13. The Lismore fund raisers were given a special thank you mention in the Menigitis Magazine.

A dream come true

Isabella Buchanan's dream came true when she atteded the LG Cup snooker final in Preston. More information and photos here.

Another great Lismore School Fete

The Lismore Primary School Fete was held on 14th August 2003. More information and photos here.

Lismore Church Guild Coffee Day

On 14th August, the Guild held its annual coffee day. More information and photos here.

Lismore Art Show – August 2003

The Art club has had another very successful show. More information and photos here.

Barbecue and Barn Dance

Anne and Donnie MacCormickís annual Barbecue and Barn Dance after the Sports day on 26th July 2003 was another great night and raised £1850 for the Yorkhill Sick Childrenís Hospital. The highlight after the many generously donated prizes had been raffled was the auctioning of a four wheel drive which was finally bought by Harry Morton.

Anne and Donnie thank everyone who donated raffle prizes, food and refreshments.

Sports and Raft Race on 26th July 2003

A beautiful day for the Sports and Raft Race! More information and lots of photos here.

The wedding of Laura MacDougall and Robbie Cook on 19th July 2003

Laura MacDougall of Bailuacraich Lismore and Robbie Cook were married in Christchurch Oban. More information and photos here.

Peter MacDougall graduated

Peter Neil MacDougall graduated with honours from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in Environmental Science and Technology.

Congratulations and well done Peter!

Lismore Youth Club – The Big Dig

On 29th June 2003, Lismore Youth Club (in association with the Time Team) had a great time on Killean Farm. More details and photos can be found here.

CalMac Users Committee visits Lismore

On Friday 13th June 2003 three members of The Caledonian-Macbrayne Users Committee visited Lismore. They were Mike Lunan (Convener of the Caledonian-Macbrayne Users Committee), John Clare (Convener of the Caledonian-Macbrayne Sub-committee) and Tony Currie (Member of the Committee). This was also Councillor Elaine Robertson's first official visit to the island since being elected to the District Council. John Livingstone chaired the meeting as Chair of the Community Council.

Computer Club Wine and Cheese

On 7th June 2003, Lismore Comupter Club hosted a wine and cheese evening to celebrate becoming a digital community. More information and photos here.

Gaelic Weekend in May 2003

At the end of May, the Comann Eachdraidh hosted another successful weekend. On Saturday morning Mairead MacDonald from Skye tutored eleven students and after lunch Donald Black guided them on an historical tour. In the evening he chaired a Ceilidh and Dance with The Crowdie House Band from Edinburgh performing and playing for the dancing.

There were also enjoyable items from Angus Nicholson on the pipes and Mary MacDougall, Sarah Black, Freda MacGregor, Moira Thomson, Margaret Lobban and Duncan Livingstone singing. Jack Scorgie recited, a student played the accordion, and visitors played the guitar and tin whistle.

With the Comann Eachdraidh growing and extending its influence these weekends are becoming more popular. Which will all help with their fund raising for the second stage of the development of the historical centre where the reconstructed cottage Tigh Iseabal is already attracting visitors.

Highlands and Islands Music and Dance Festival

The Lismore schoolchildren gave a beautiful performance at their first Highlands and Islands Dance Festival in Oban, and although they were not marked, as it was their first year, head teacher Freda MacGregor said they would have walked it to first place, no bother. Having an excellent teacher in the islandís own Anne Livingstone was the key as she brought out their natural talent and made them very keen. So keen they want to keep dancing and she has agreed to continue training them.

At the same event the recorder group won the Agnes Connelly Shield for Junior Recorder Class, the adjudicator saying they made a lovely and very musical sound.

Coffee Galore

On 17th May 2003 the medical staff held a coffee day in support of the Oban Hospice Appeal and the Sandpiper Trust. It was well supported by the locals who enjoyed morning coffees, lunches, and afternoon teas from 10.30 until 4.30 raising £300 in all. Thanks are due to Sandy, Tess and Josie who worked hard and kept everyone smiling.

Beth and Mairi say thanks to all.

Digital Update

The great computer roll out on Lismore is complete. Itís almost a year since everyone who wanted a computer was connected and the classes in the school will finish mid May by when everyone is expected to have enough knowledge to pursue their own interests.

Thereís no doubt that being connected has improved the quality of island living for many as it can not only improve our ability to get work through doing distance learning courses etc., but it could also help stem the tide of population loss now that working from home is possible, diminish isolation through email and internet access, and contribute to health and well being by stimulating new areas of interest.

For those with far flung families the plusses are very obvious: phones are great but email and webcams are even better as children grow up far away.

Being the first island to be connected and one with a very high acceptance level, we landed the teething problems and the members of the computer group who had agreed to become digital champions and help others were very busy throughout the summer of 2002 and their work continues.

Then came the essential classes. Once again we were the first island to get the teaching computers installed in the school and to respond to Argyll Collegeís advertisement for mentors and tutors to do the job. They were appointed in December (all locals) and have done a great job.

The only cavil in all this is the hugely variable quality of connection speeds. While some get over 50 bps, many more are in the twenties, tens and less with two getting nothing at all. With such substandard connection speeds internet access is irrelevant and the battle with BT to upgrade them goes on.

Out and about (May)

Things are usually quiet on the news front at this time of year with lambing leaving little time for extra curricula activities, but the exceptional weather in March and April meant a huge increase in visitors over Easter many of whom enjoyed Lismoreís latest tourist attraction – the reconstructed croft house Tigh Iseabal Dhaidh – open for the first time, and offering a glimpse of Lismore as it was at the end of the nineteenth century.

The good weather made lambing a much less arduous experience for farmers and stock alike, while tourists on foot or cycle saw lambs sun bathing and the roads lined with the most spectactular display of Lismoreís prolific wildflowers.

Money raised for Sports and youth club

The children added to the beauty with their Great Spring Shore Clean which not only got rid of unsightly rubbish blown up in Winter storms but also earned them £200 from the Argyll and Bute Trust, money that will go sportsí and youth clubs. More money was raised when Donald, Duncan and Diarmid – known as the 3 Dís Disco – ran a disco for the young ones donating their fee and raising £74 for the Junior Shinty club, and the proceeds of a beetle drive went to the Youth Club.

Lismore Primary School's Easter Service

The Rev John Murdoch conducted Lismore Primary Schoolís traditional Easter Service after which the children entertained visitors with some fine Scottish Country Dancing which they later performed at the Highland and Islands Music and Dance Festival in Oban on 1st May. Scottish Country Dancing is popular in Lismore thanks to Anne Livingstone who teaches both adults and children.

Easter bonnets

On the last day of school several children turned up in colourful and ingenious Easter bonnets.

A big welcome to Shayne Joseph Stewart

Shayne was born on 4th April 2003. More details and photos can be found here.

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