Computer Club Wine and Cheese

7th June 2003

Lismore is now a digital community. Itís official. And thereís no going back. After centuries of moving slowly from isolation through various forms of contact as the result of ferries, electricity, radios, telephones, television etc. suddenly we are just as able as any city to turn on our computers and address the world. Tell them we are here, what we want to say to them (if anything) and what we have to offer.

And all in a year. To celebrate this momentous leap the Computer club felt a little razzmatazz was in order so on Saturday 7th June we hosted a wine and cheese and invited the island. We also invited Paul Cairns one of the instigators of the entire project to tell us how it was all going, what progress was being made improving the phone lines, and how, the projectís website, was there for our benefit. Best news from him was that the 2 people with such poor lines they have no access to the net, were to finally get upgrades and that the entire island was getting a 3 month extension on free access as we had been the first connected and had suffered all the teething problems.

Next John McLuckie from Argyll College, who ran the training, congratulated mentors Denise Willis, Marie Hay and Janette Stewart on running the classes so well and outlined what training may be available in the future as some cash was still in the pot. Good news.

Next it was the locals turn and Steven clearly told us how to apply all necessary upgrades to Norton etc which are all due for renewal and Pauline urged the island to embrace the digital age and their own website with enthusiasm and to use it to tell the world we are here and we welcome visitors. She asked for ideas to take the site on and give it more sparkle as well as make it relevant to everybody.

Finally Richard Warwick introduced the site he runs from Mull,, yet another larger digital community we can go to for help, news, and ideas.

David White put up a good display of computer gadgetry to help anyone with problems or wanting information about printers, scanners, webcams etc and, club members served wine, cheese, tea, coffee and biscuits liberally and the whole evening, a great success, was chaired by Teenie.


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