Lismore was well wooded in the past but most of the trees were felled for fuel. Nowadays, with the exception of Birgidle on Frackersaig farm, remnants of the native woodland cover survive only on the cliffs above the shoreline. However, in recent years, some small planting schemes of native trees have helped to improve things. Mature trees of any stature are restricted to areas where they were planted near houses and steadings -- Kilcheran is a good example.

The list below shows all species considered to be native to the island  plus others which are of interest. Native species are marked *

All sorts of exotic trees have been planted around the island (Eucalypts, Palms, Chile pines etc.), but are not included in the list.

We are always looking to improve our collection of pictures of trees. If you have taken a picture of one on Lismore, why not email it to us. Please let us know where and when you took it and (if you know it) what it is.

Common name Scientific name Gaelic name Picture Comments
Alder * Alnus glutinosa   Not naturally common. Grows well, so often planted.
Aspen * Populus tremula   aspen.jpg (158921 bytes) Rare. Restricted to cliffs at Salen and elsewhere.
Birch * Betula pubescens   downy-birch.jpg (105218 bytes) Common
Bird Cherry * Prunus padus   Rare. Some planted.
Wild Cherry/ Gean * Prunus avium   Not naturally common. Some planted.
Hawthorn * Crataegus monogyna   hawthorn.jpg (113293 bytes) Common
Blackthorn * Prunus spinosa   Common
Oak * Quercus robur/petraea   Very few specimens - mostly planted.
Goat Willow * Salix caprea   goat-willow.jpg (80633 bytes) Common
Eared Willow * Salix aurita   Common
Wych Elm * Ulmus glabra   Rare. Below cliffs at Frackersaig
Rock Whitebeam * Sorbus rupicola   rock-whitebeam.jpg (93276 bytes) Rare. Restricted to cliffs and Bernera.
Yew * Taxus baccata   Rare. Ancient specimen on Bernera 
Beech Fagus sylvatica   A few planted 
Horse Chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum   A few planted
Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus   Commonly planted.
Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris   scots-pine.jpg (113301 bytes) Not considered native to Lismore (debatable). Some planted.
Larch Larix decidua   Frequently planted
Ash * Fraxinus excelsior   Ash Common. Also known as Common ash or European ash.
Hazel * Corylus avellana Hazel Very common. Also known as Common hazel.
Rowan * Sorbus aucuparia   Rowan Common. Also known as: Mountain ash.

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