We are always looking to improve our collection of pictures of mammals. If you have taken a picture of one on Lismore, why not email it to us. Please let us know where and when you took it and (if you know it) what it is.

Common name Scientific name Gaelic name Picture Comments
Ferret Coinneas fe˛cullan A cream-coloured specimen was seen crossing the road at Frackersaig in July 2000; origin unknown.
Mink Escaped from nearby farm; have almost rid the island of rats, but also taken a severe toll of ground-nesting birds and poultry
Field mouse Luch
Brown rat Rodan radan Very numerous until about 1980; see Mink.
Common seal Phoca vitulina R˛n Common seal Very numerous
Grey seal Common
Common pipistrelle bat Pipistrellus pipistrellus Only bat species recorded on the island.
Red deer Cervus elaphus Not resident on the island but have been known to swim over from the mainland.
Common shrew Sorex araneus Teladarna
Vole Buaidh-iomlan Very numerous, to the benefit of owls and other raptors.
Weasel Nios neas Rarely seen now; numbers unknown.
Hedgehog Erinaceinae CrÓineag Hedgehog Introduced in the late 1980s, probably for slug control; now numerous.
Otter D˛bhran Otter Numerous and frequently seen.

Note:- Badger, Fox and Rabbit are not found on Lismore.

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