Lismore's People

The photos below were sent to us by Colin Beavis
Colin lived on the Island with his Mother in the late 50's early 60's
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Outside Baligarve School 1961 L to R, Back, Iain MacDonald, Clive Radburn,
Pam Radburn (Margery MacDonald’s cousin),
Sylvia Beavis, Elizabeth MacDonald, Mrs Fry,
Margery MacDonald, Elsie Cameron
(Margery’s mother).
Colin Beavis & Catriona MacDonald in front
Back, Colin Beavis & Front L to R, Gregor, Peter,
Fay (Carmichael), Neil & Douglas MacDougall
L to R, Back, Sylvia Beavis, Alasdair &
Bessie MacKinnon.
Front, Colin Beavis & Ian Mackinnon

Ian Millar & Colin Beavis on the petrol/paraffin Ferguson, Balouachdarachd stack yard behind.

Sylvia Beavis & Son Colin, 1957
Balouachdarachd taken from the air sometime
around 1960 – 62.

L to R. Alastair MacGillivray, Alasdair MacKinnon,
Colin Beavis, Ian MacKinnon on the horse (Fraoch),
Bessie MacKinnon & Sylvia Beavis.

L to R, Colin Beavis, Sylvia Beavis &
Donnie MacCormick
Sylvia Beavis & Gregor MacCormick

L to R Back, Nan Fry (an aunt of Margery MacDonald’s), Sylvia Beavis with Colin Beavis in front. Middle, Neil, Douglas, Peter & Gregor MacDougall & Front, Fay MacDougall (Carmichael).

L to R. Iain MacDonald, Clive Radburn, Ian Millar,
Pam Radburn (Margery MacDonald’s cousin),
Elizabeth MacDonald, Nan Fry
(an aunt of Margery MacDonald’s)
Margery MacDonald, Elsie Cameron (Margery’s mother)
& Catriona MacDonald. Colin Beavis in front
Man on the left not known, Sylvia Beavis in middle, man on the right might be Ellis Carmichael Back, Sylvia Beavis. Second, Peter MacDougall,
Colin Beavis.
Third, Neil, Douglas & Gregor MacDougall.
Front Fay MacDougall (Carmichael).
  L to R, Colin Beavis & Ian Mackinnon on Fraoch,
Alasdair MacKinnon at Fraoch’s head
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