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Weigh in


On 28th October 2009 Lorraine King held the first Weigh in on Lismore at the public hall. 15 people attended that first meeting and she received 3 apologies for not attending! Since then the Weigh in has settled down to a steady 5 to 10 people each week. Some have been coming since the beginning and, at any point, some people are joining and some leaving.

What it is

An opportunity to get weighed in private and keep a record of your weight.

What it isn't

Lorraine puts the success of the group down to its straightforward philosophy - no pressure to attend, no harangues if you have put on weight, no high pressure advocacy of specific weight loss programmes. It is exactly what it says: you turn up and get weighed, so that you can keep a record of how you are doing.

Personal progress

If you would like to see how some of the people are doing click here.

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