Lismore Public Hall Committee

 Minutes of meeting held 7th April 2008 at 7p.m.


1.     Present Archie MacGillivray Duncan Brooks, Gilly Dixon-Spain, Roger Dixon-Spain, Liz Buckle, Sarah Campbell, Anna Stewart, Dot Hay, Katy Crossan, Fay Carmichael.


2.     Apologies none


3.     Election of office bearers

Chairman: Archie MacGillivray, proposed by Roger seconded by Duncan

Treasurer: Roger Dixon-Spain, proposed by Archie seconded by Anna

Joint Secretaries:

Gilly Dixon-Spain, proposed by Anna and seconded by Liz

Liz Buckle, proposed by Archie and seconded by Katy

Entertainment secretary: Anna Stewart, proposed by Roger seconded by Liz

Bookings secretary: Sarah Campbell, Proposed by Gilly and seconded by Archie.


4.     Car park

Gilly suggested that thank you letters be written to all those who lent gravel for the car park, Archie MacColl, Tony and Karen McLarney and Roger D-S


5.     Company limited by guarantee

Gilly collected the signed trustee declaration forms so that the application for change in legal form can be sent off to OSCR. The proposed memorandum and Articles have been returned to the Rural directorate for re-approval.


6.     Hall development

Anna continued the circulation of the article in the herald about Hall development.


Archie MacGillivray apologised for having to leave the meeting at this point so the next date was set then for Wed 14th May at 7.30pm.


7.     Repairs and renewals

Since the light for downstairs outside is often left on Duncan suggested that it could be put on to the same switch as the stairs light so it would be easy to see if it was switched off . Fay suggested a light with a sensor instead.

Duncan has obtained  pricing for the 8 bulkhead lights needed downstairs which range from 18 to 22

Katy offered to look into new tables for especially the art group as the current ones are too heavy for them to manage.

Liz indicated that there are grants to pay for renewal of the toilets and will look into this for us


8.     Alcohol consumption and supervision of minors at dances

Whilst not wanting to create restrictions, following the vandalism to downstairs during the last dance it was decided that the Hall committee members will patrol the downstairs passage way and rear entrance randomly at least every hour during dances to move people back up to the main Hall.

There should also be better-defined adult supervision of minors at dances. There should a responsible adult to supervise minors on a ratio of one to two, Ideally their parents. In the event of troublesome behaviour the responsible adult should be asked to deal with it which may require that they take the individual home.

There should be a sign in the bar area indicating that no alcohol is to be consumed by under 18s.


9.     Date of next meeting

Wednesday 14th May 2008

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