Minutes of the Lismore Public Hall  Committee 

Meeting 2nd April 2008 at  8pm in the Hall


1.    Present

Roger Dixon-Spain, Fay Carmichael, Dot Hay, Duncan Brooks, Anna Stewart, Sarah Campbell, Katy Crossan and Gilly Dixon-Spain

2.    Apologies For Absence


3.    Welcome to new committee members

Duncan Brooks welcomed Fay Carmichael and Katie Crossan to the Hall committee


4.    Correspondence

Anna presented a letter from Archie McGillivray to the Hall committee: in which he tendered his resignation, because he did not feel that the post holders had been appointed correctly at the new committee meeting following the AGM on 27th March 2008. The full text of the letter can be viewed on request to any committee member.

The Committee was disappointed that Archie had resigned especially as he has been such a valuable member of the committee for such a long time.  We consulted the constitution and found no guidance specific to Archieís complaint


We thought back to the meeting at which office bearers were appointed, and with hindsight that we possibly had too readily accepted Archieís reticence to oppose Duncan as a sign that he didnít want to be chairman.

However since he had felt that the office bearers had not been appointed fairly we considered that we could not retain any of the posts and relinquished them pending a further meeting at which we hoped Archie would attend and return to the committee.

Gilly asked if we could continue business as a valid committee and it was agreed that provided we made no new commitments we could continue for the purposes of arranging April repair and renewal work on the Hall. Roger added that it would be negligent if we did not run the hall.


Sarah Left the Hall to ring Archie (as the Hall phone wouldnít work) to ask him to come to the meeting tonight. On her return she reported that Archie had given permission for Sarah to have his views relayed. He could not attend tonight.

Archie felt that the difficulty with the appointment of chairman came about when both he and Duncan agreed to stand for Chairman and although Gilly had asked if we should vote, that events went on too quickly and Duncan was appointed. then everyone backed him and Archie was made to feel very uncomfortable. Sarah communicated to Archie that we all valued him on the committee.

The decision was made that Gilly would draft a letter to Archie, have it approved by committee members as soon as possible and a request made to Archie that he and all the other committee members meet to reappoint office bearers as soon as possible. Thursday or Monday being the best for all.

Gilly requested that this be done quickly as there was much detailed business to conduct concerning the Conversion to Company limited by Guarantee, which has time limits on it.


5.    Cleaning the Hall

Gilly Thanked Anna for her hard work in cleaning the Hall so thoroughly particularly the not so pleasant job of cleaning the toilets.

6.    April works

The resurfacing of the hall floor will be started next week with cleaning at 10am on Monday, neutralising on Tuesday and sanding on Wednesday with as many people as possible to help. The revarnishing would take place on Thursday /Friday leaving the weekend to dry.

Gilly will check that the nurse has a downstairs key and erect posters

Duncan has made enquires into wall coverings for the toilets which would be more durable and cleanable and awaits the catalogue and price list .

Duncan has also been offered a good deal on bulk head lights . Sarah asked could we not have ceiling lights fitted.

Roger has suggested moving the sink away from under the window so there are no mucky corners and Sarah will look at colour charts for the toilet walls.

Gilly has spoken with Sue Stefek (environmental health) about the requirements of a toilet floor. It should be thoroughly cleanable and non slip and not allow water to get underneath it. She did not approve of painted concrete C.T.D Glasgow have advised on the type of tile suitable for the application and asked us to choose the look we wish for before quoting Gilly will e-mail everyone the pdf brochure.

Gilly will mend the Plasterboard hole in the gents and block up the holes in the wall in the green room in the next week or so.

7. Date of next meeting

We await the outcome of the meeting with Archie

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