Lismore Public Hall Committee


Minutes of Annual General Meeting 21st March 2007


Present – committee members Julian Wormleighton (Chair), Carol Wormleighton, Anna Stewart, Gilly Dixon-Spain (Joint Secretary), Liz Buckle (Joint Secretary), Roger Dixon-Spain (Treasurer), Archie MacGillivray, Denise Willis and Duncan Brooks.


Apologies – None


Minutes of the last AGM (2006) the minutes were read by Gilly Dixon-Spain agreed and proposed by Jennifer Allen and Seconded by Chris Small.


Chairman’s Report: Julian Wormleighton reported that 2006 had been a busy year, the committee had met 14 times and there had also been a number of working group meetings concerning the Kitchen improvements, Grant applications and conversion to Company limited by Guarantee.


There had been a series of dances during the summer visitor season plus the New Year dance, together with a whist drive, our produce and teas afternoon and a valentines tea last month which was very well patronised. The hall committee has also undertaken the provision of a catering service for two events, the 2006 AGM of the Comunn na Gàidhlig and Donald Black’s book launch. These made vital contributions to our bank balance to help keep the building running.


The Chairman paid tribute to the contribution of time and hard work made by the committee, and all those in the community as a whole, who so willingly stepped in to lend a hand before, during and after functions.


Last April the Hall floor was fully refurbished at a cost of £1,800 by a firm in Glasgow, and will be re-polyurethaned in house this year at a cost of no more than £200 to keep it in good shape for another year.

The conversion to a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee has not yet been completed but there is hope that it can now be completed within 2 months, with the expenses being met by the Community Land Unit.


The planning permission for the car park has been obtained and the ground decrofted ready for transferral to  Hall ownership once the new company comes into being.

We are currently obtaining quotations for the physical works to the car park following which grants can be obtained and should enable us to start later this summer.


This time last year it was thought that the modest changes to the kitchen to bring it up to health and safety standards could be met out of hall funds. Since it proved to be quite expensive a grant has been sought and gained from the Scottish Executive's Rural Development Small Awards Fund, so work will now proceed this April, fully funded by this grant aid.


Following Scottish Water's road show where they explained their plans to have a mains water supply brought to the School. The committee found out that there was a technical advantage for Scottish Water to have another more regular user in the supply, to prevent stagnation over holiday periods. Now that there are new regulations about private supplies and risks to the public, it was decided that even with ongoing water charges this would be the most economical option for the future. Simple plumbing alterations were required to comply with Scottish Water's bye-laws and carried out at rock bottom prices by their plumbers whilst at the School. We now await the connection to the supply.


Gillian Dinsmore, (a friend of Roger and Gilly’s), has completed an access Audit to assess the extent to which the Hall complies with the Disability Discrimination Act. A number of shortcomings were identified. Many of the simpler points can and should be addressed in the course of undertaking periodic maintenance work on the building. A few were more difficult verging on impossible. Fortunately the legislation only requires adjustments to be made where it is reasonable to do so, and in her conclusions Mrs Dinsmore considered that the Hall provides reasonable access and so complies with the requirements of the Act.


Last Year the committee undertook to investigate the feasibility of achieving better Public Hall facilities by building on a new site. We have established that a suitable site is available close to the fire station where there appear to be no insuperable planning objections. The next task is to define an outline brief for such a new hall. Which will be discussed informally at the end of the meeting over tea.

The Chairman thanked islanders and friends of Lismore as well as the committee for their valuable contributions that keep this vital community facility alive, and hoped the commitment will continue long into the future.

The Chairman then asked for questions.


4.Treasurers Report.

Roger Dixon-Spain then presented the accounts audited by Hubert Saldanah and Anne Livingstone, copies being available for all present. He concluded that the finances were stable and although the balance at the end of the year was £14,000 it had been as low as £8,000. There was a surplus of £869 in the year.  Taking the exceptional capital costs out of the equation, electricity was 50% of the running costs, he concluded we need to watch power consumption.

There will be 2 additional running costs in the next year:

-       water rates once we are connected,

-        Refuse collection from April £170 p/a (corrected from £700).  There were questions from the floor about why we should incur these extra costs but it was concluded that they were unavoidable.

There was a question about the apparent reduction in the figure for insurance, The treasurer explained that due to incorrect apportionment of the insurance premium in previous accounts this was misleading and there had in fact been an increase in the insurance premium.

Pauline Dowling thanked Roger from the floor for being such a good treasurer.

The treasurer’s report was adopted by Pauline Dowling and seconded by Tony Baker.

5. Appointment of Auditors

 Anne Livingstone and Hubert Saldanah agreed to be Auditors for next year.

6. Review of Equal Opportunities Policy

The committee has reviewed the equal opportunities policy and found that it didn’t need to be changed

7. Resolution No.1/2007

a) Lismore Public Hall Committee shall proceed with arrangements for the formation of a company Limited by Guarantee, with charitable status, designed to take over the operation and management of Lismore Public Hall.

b) The members of the committee elected at the Lismore Public Hall 2007 AGM shall become the Interim Board members of the new company and shall serve in that capacity until the inaugural AGM of the company.

These resolutions were passed unanimously proposed by Jennifer Allen and seconded by Gilly Dixon-Spain.

8.Election of the New Committee

Archie MacColl took the Chair and over saw the election of new members. Julian Wormleighton stood down from the committee and did not present himself for re-election. Archie MaGillivray, Duncan Brooks, Carol Wormleighton, Anna Stewart, Denise Willis, Liz Buckle, Roger Dixon-Spain and Gilly Dixon-Spain we elected en block, proposed by Archie MacColl and seconded by Margaret Black.

New member Sarah Campbell was proposed by Gilly Dixon-Spain and seconded by Anna Stewart.

Marie Carmichael was proposed by Julian Wormleighton and seconded by Barbara McDougall.

9. Any Other Business

Archie MacColl was concerned that assets of Lismore Public Hall should it ever be wound up should be safeguarded from leaving the Island, and it should be worded into our new constitution that it was obligatory for these assets and funds to be distributed to charities on the Island of Lismore.

Julian Wormleighton wished the new committee well with the proposed new hall and hoped that they could carry a substantial number of the community forward. He pointed out that the existing building had no scope whatsoever for expansion.

The public were asked to contribute their ideas to the displays for the proposed New Hall prepared by the committee.

Chris Small proposed a vote of thanks to the departing Chairman and Committee.

The formal part of meeting was brought to a close.


Tea and biscuits were served, and everyone was invited to look at the displays on the wall, which showed a series of possible ideas and principles for the new hall project.

People indicated their support or otherwise for each of the ideas and principles, by putting ticks and crosses against each one.  This is the beginning of the process of public consultation over the detail of the proposals, as they develop.



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