HELD 11th OCTOBER 2006 AT 7.30PM

PRESENT – Anna Stewart, Denise Willis, Mary MacDougall, Gilly Dixon-Spain, Roger Dixon-Spain, Carol Wormleighton, Julian Wormleighton, Archie MacGillivray, Duncan Brooks and Liz Buckle



The purpose of the meeting was specifically to discuss the business of the water supply to the Hall, so normal business procedures were set aside.




A paper written by Julian Wormleighton, which set out the proposal to connect the Public Hall to the new mains water supply, was circulated and read. This is attached for information.


Currently, the private supply (from the bog) is piped in to the building at the rear and rises to the tank in the roof, from which water is distributed to the kitchen, surgery and all 3 bathrooms.


The proposal is to take up the offer made by Scottish Water, to connect the Hall to the proposed new water supply pipeline, once it is installed. This is on the basis of a gesture to all island residents, to compensate for the disruption to everyone that will come while the water main is installed to the School.


Once the Hall is connected, the rising main pressure to the Hall is expected to be between 3-4 Bar, which should be adequate.


The specific issues requiring immediate decisions to expedite the work:


Bye-law work (to be carried out immediately within the next day or so).

This work includes the replacement of the cold-water storage tank in the roof.

Fitting of new supply pipe into the building, isolating valves to draw-off points, removal of “dead leg” pipe-work and diverting the overflow from the kitchen water heater.


The reasons for replacing the water tank: currently, the inlet is aligned next to the outlet in the tank, which allows stale water to lie in it. Also, it is uncovered, thus allowing beasts and dirt to drop in. Both are a potential health hazard. A quote from Hanlon Utilities of £272.00 plus VAT has been received and needs to be accepted or turned down.


The final stage, once the mains pipe is in, is for Hanlon Utilities to return (say, around Easter 2007) to connect the new supply, flush the pipe-work through (chlorination) and remove the existing pump. The financial implications of this are an additional estimated £96 plus VAT.


Several pertinent questions were asked:


A)  Shouldn’t we be connecting the mains supply directly to all cold-water taps – and are there any regulations to enforce this?

     -     Gilly undertook to look into this.


B)  Are there any other regulations, such as Building Regulations, that direct how we should be addressing the issue of supply tank, pipe-work and connections?

     -     All to look into this if they can, Julian to ask the Council Building Regs. person.




The Committee voted to accept:


1.    Scottish Water’s offer to connect the Public Hall to the new mains water supply, once it has been installed.

2.    The quote from Hanlon Utilities of £272.00 plus VAT to enable the ‘bye law’ work to be carried out within the next couple of days.


The Committee acknowledged the remaining implications of these decisions, which included a review of the plumbing work proposed as part of the kitchen upgrade (to ensure it fits in with the main supply), and the need for further expenditure of £96 plus VAT for final connection services around Easter 2007.





Book launch on Monday 23 October (11am to 3pm). 

Anna, Gilly, Roger, Carol, Julian, Liz all available to do food preparation and help on the day + Mary available after lunch.

Denise to coordinate.


Brought forward from Thursday 26th October, to Wednesday 25 October, at 7.30PM             

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