1. PRESENT Gilly Dixon-Spain, Roger Dixon-Spain , Anna Stewart,  Carol Wormleighton, Julian Wormleighton, Archie MacGillivray and Duncan Brooks,Liz Buckle, Denise Willis Mary MacDougall





Adoption of the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd August 2006 proposed by Anna and seconded by Roger



The committee was very pleased to have Mary  back on board.



There are additional costs associated with the conversion namely:-

a. Valuation of current assets approx £250 + vat

b. Drawing up a title deed to formally transfer assets to the new company  £300+ vat

c. Recording of the title deed in the land register. Depending on the valuation approx £200

A.I.E. whilst understanding that we need to meet these costs are not able to grant any more money as they have no more in their budget for this year.

The community Land Fund have been approached and are prepared to fund

a. all costs involved in car parking land acquisition

b. our incorporation. Some of these costs are already known and others we need to seek firm quotations for.  Listed below are all the relevant items of expenditure, indicating what action we need to take to firm up the figures. 

1. Valuation by the DV of sites for Hall extension and additional car parking - £350.00 plus VAT

2. Title Deed to transfer ownership of land for additional car parking from current land owner to us,  including Land Registry fee. We will obtain a fee quotation for our own solicitor's charge, plus Land Registry fee  and will seek guidance from the landowner as to his solicitor's fee.

3. Drafting, revising and preparing final signing version of Memorandum and Articles of Agreement for new charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, lodging with Companies House, procuring Certificate of Incorporation, obtaining  recognition by Inland Revenue and/or SCR, advising on initial steps post incorporation, by Macleod and  MacCallum - £490.00 plus VAT

4. Preparation of title deed transferring assets of existing organisation trustees to new company. We will obtain  a fee quotation from Macleod and MacCallum.

5. Recording title deed in the Land Register. We will obtain from Macleod and MacCallum guidance on the fee to  be charged once we have obtained a valuation of the assets to be transferred.

6. Valuation of Assets to be transferred by existing organisation trustees to new company. District Valuer will  undertake desktop valuation of Hall building, using scale drawings and photographs provided by us, for a fee not exceeding £250.00 plus VAT.


In order for the Community Land Fund to confirm granting all the money  we are required to get all the costs together and apply officially. The grant can be up to a maximum of £2000. which we can top up if required. Once the grant is secured A.I.E will not then be granting any funds. Julian will obtain all the necessary quotes so we can proceed.



Gilly and Anna have obtained the following quotes for  improvements

Estimated Costs for kitchen renovations

AquaCure U.V Water treatment unit

£285.65 + vat £49.99 plus delivery

8'/4'melamine coated MDF for backs of cupboards delivered

 £21.46 + vat £3.75

15l-20l storage Water heater undersink

Approx £250

5micron particulate water filter kit

£58.16+ vat£9.48 plus delivery

Replacement 5 Filter

£10.17 +vat £1.78 plus delivery

Flooring with coving fitted incl vat


New sink with double drainer


New set of taps


Cupboards above worktop RHS 2x1000 and 1x500 to match units below   Work top 28mm beige onyx 3mx2+ 4 chrome breakfast bar legs from Howdens  delivered to Lismore by MBS

£248.52  allow £50-£60 for delivery

O.E.S. all electrics needed in kitchen

£790 +vat£138.25approx to be confirmed

Total for kitchen



No provision has been made for repainting the kitchen nor tiling and any materials for plumbing or making good so allow a 10% contingency taking it to  £2807.31


Other possible electrical alterations


Oban Electrical Supplies

 1. Quote for provision of infra red personnel sensor light over front door and changing the switch to a maintenance switch only (self fitted)                                                                                                              £65


2. Quote for dimmable lighting in main hall , 6 lights allowing £50 per fitting dimmer trunking taken around coombe in ceiling including labour approx                                                                              £1000 + vat £175


3. Alternative quote for dimmable lighting in main hall on one side only ,3 lights allowing £50 per fitting dimmer trunking taken around coombe in ceiling including labour                       approx      £475 + vat £83.13


4. Quote Timer fitted to wall heater in waiting room and entrance hall                            each  £65.+vat £11.37


5.Quote  Doctors surgery moving storage heater to opposite wall including trunking ( cost being borne by medical practice)                                                                                                        approx  £100 +vat £17.50


After discussion about the water situation (see below)and the need for all taps to have a specified putity of water it was decided that if we go with keeping our private supply, the U.V. and particulate filter s should be sited at the mains riser i.e.: downstairs, not in the kitchen, with removal of the water tank in the loft (which could be a possible source of contamination) and provision of  a new pump and pressure vessel so as to make a closed system . Gilly to investigate and obtain Quotes.

The dimmable light option in the hall was shelved for now due to costs.

The heater timers are to be fitted

The storage heater moved in the surgery at the medical practice's expense

The infra red personnel light is only to be fitted if the medical staff will bear the cost as it was not thought to be a necessity for the general hall users.

The cleaning cupboard and storage cupboards are to be included in the costs of renovation when applying for a grant for the renovation work. Liz   is to explore the likely grantors and obtain application forms.



Scottish water consider the public hall to be a priority building for the connection to a mains supply since it houses the Doctor's surgery. The supply would be off the school supply. A bye law survey is required by Scottish Water prior to connection , Julian has arranged, that in exchange for transporting the assessors when they visit the school that they will assess the hall for free. Julian to find out what the costs of having a mains supply are and also the costs of maintaining a private supply with regards to the required regular testing




Planning permission has now been obtained for the off road car parking, However there has been a further condition of widening the road to 5.5m for the length of the car park in addition to the 2m of tarmac on the threshold. Julian is to talk to Mr Heron from the roads dept to see if this condition can be omitted as there is not enough room  to comply.

Denise and Julian to look into applying for a grant to assist with the considerable expenses associated with the provision of the car park. Roger is to ask Ronnie McColl to quote for the ground work.


The hall booking on Thursday 21st September by Comumn na Gaidhlig is to include  Lunch for 30 and coffee and biscuits at 2.30 and 4.30 pm. Catering to be charged at £260 Anna, Mary, Denise Gilly and Carol have offered to do soup sandwiches and baking. Roger, Julian, Carol, Denise Anna and Gilly have offered to  set-up,  waitress and clear up afterwards.


10. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Thursday 14th September at 7.30PM

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