PRESENT - Jennifer Allan, Duncan Brooks, Liz Buckle, Gilly Dixon-Spain, Roger Dixon-Spain, Archie McGillivray, Anna Stewart, Denise Willis, Julian Wormleighton.

1. APOLOGIES - Carol Wormleighton.


Chair - Julian Wormleighton, nominated by Duncan, seconded by Jennifer.

Secretary - Jennifer Allan assisted by Gilli Dixon-Spain. Nominated by Denise, seconded by Anna.

Treasurer - Roger Dixon-Spain, nominated by Archie and seconded by Julian.

Hubert Saldanha will continue to do book-keeping on a three-monthly basis. New treasurer will hand over accounts to Hubert. Treasurer’s duties will include sending out invoices, paying bills, receiving and banking money and keeping the Committee informed.

The signatories on the cheque book will require to be changed.

Julian and Roger will meet with Hubert to facilitate the hand-over of Treasurer’s duties and accounts.


The new Hall Bookings Secretary will be Denise Willis. Proposed by Anna, seconded by Archie. Invoices for Hall Bookings (with the exception of regular user groups) will be sent out at time of booking.

Denise proposed that a notice should be put up providing information as to who is on the Committee and the duties performed by each member. Julian to do this.


Committee Meeting 23 February - Proposed by Gilly, seconded by Duncan.

Open Meeting 01 March - Proposed by Anna, seconded by Julian with the following amendments proposed by Julian:

(a) The exact number of people who attended should be attached to the official Minutes.

(b) A slight alteration to the wording concerning Plans and Feasibility Study, and also concerning the Health Board’s supposed funding of the doctors’ rental of the surgery, as it was felt there was some uncertainty as to the exact position.


New Tables

The sample obtained on approval is unsatisfactory and is to be returned to CGL Office Supplies in Oban. Gilly offered to do this. Denise to contact Chrissie Malone of Appin Village Hall as Julian and Duncan have seen suitable tables there.

Filing cabinet

The new filing cabinet has arrived and is downstairs. The cupboard donated by the Computer Group is to be moved downstairs too. Duncan to unpack filing cabinet and check that it is undamaged.

Main hall floor refinishing

Work will start not before Tuesday 4th April to allow access to Doctor’s surgery on Monday and allow things to be put back into order before the following Monday. Julian has bought and fitted a new panic latch and external lockable handle to allow access to building from door downstairs. Cost £100. Mairi Perkins will have a key and a notice will be put up advising people of this arrangement while the floor is being refurbished. The keys are to be kept in the new filing cabinet at other times.

Preparation: Monday 3 April at 10.00 a.m. Anna, Gilly, Roger and Jennifer.

Removal of dust sheets and cleaning: Monday 10 April at 10.00a.m. Anna, Liz and Jennifer if available.


Letter to Davie Meddes and Gill Bridle

There has been no response to Julian’s letter of 10 February. Julian will write again requesting a reply.

District Valuer’s Account

The District Valuer has submitted an invoice for land valuation which includes a bill for the whole of the Surgery rental valuation. Julian to write and explain that NHS Argyll and Clyde are to pay half of this.

Feasibility Study Consultants’ Fees

A copy of the Feasibility Study plus a copy of CP Architects’ Invoice have been sent to the Scottish Community Projects Fund. A fee invoice is yet to be received from the Engineer.

A Grant cheque has been received representing SCPF’s contribution towards Architects’ fees.

Definition of work to improve Hall facilities

It was agreed that the present Hall would be in use for a minimum of two years. There followed a discussion as to how much work should be done to the existing hall and whether grants should be applied for. There was general agreement that the minimum of work should be undertaken, mainly to preserve safety and food hygiene and meet, as far as possible, the requirements of Disability Access legislation . It was felt that grant applications should be reserved as far as possible for any new build project.

Kitchen/Cleaning Facilities - It was agreed cleaning equipment has to be moved out of kitchen and flooring should be replaced. Also the electric water heater was felt to be not entirely safe and should be looked at.

Archie suggested that the extra piece of land offered by Davie and Gill might be used to build a new kitchen. However it was agreed that money should not be spent on this until we are certain whether new build is to go ahead.

Duncan had received a suggestion from a member of the community that more space could be created by reclaiming the space given over to the doctors’ surgery. This suggestion was overwhelmingly rejected.

Access Audit - Julian suggested we need an Access Audit to determine to what extent we are in breach of Disability Access legislation so that we can look into the economics of making improvements and make decisions about what is practicable. Julian has an information kit on this subject which includes a DVD. Gilly and Roger have a friend who is an Access Auditor who could be asked to help. It was agreed that Roger would approach her.

Car Parking Improvements -

It had been agreed at the Open Meeting that these should go ahead. Ian Combe is to be contacted again with an explanation of the current situation, I.e. that in the long term the Hall may not remain on the present site. He is to be asked whether in these circumstances he is still prepared to offer the land. Julian will write to him and will offer to give back the land to Mr. Combe at a later date if appropriate.

Exploration of Feasibility of New Build Replacement Hall

“Meet the Funders” event 03 March - This had been reported on at the AGM. Julian has received an email from the Big Lottery Fund explaining that while grants of up to 100% are available for “the right scheme”, having funding from other sources would assist our case. Normally they would consider a grant application once building tenders had been received, but as this would leave us a funding gap for a Feasibility Study they would consider an application at either completion of the Feasibility Study or a stage later. We have been advised to keep an eye on their web-site from April onwards.

Approach to owners of possible sites -

Roger stressed the importance of finding a site before pursuing any other work. This was agreed by all. Julian suggested an approach to Lismore Estates (the Fell estate) to enquire whether they were willing in principle to sell a site. Archie pointed out that no site could be sold without the agreement of any existing full tenant. Denise suggested all landowners should be approached.

It was agreed that Julian would write to all absentee landowners. Also a circular letter would be sent to all households on the island.

Duncan suggested we should in the meantime try to identify an ideal site. This was agreed. Julian proposed having an informal discussion with the Planning Officer and this too was agreed.


Following the acceptance at the AGM of the Resolutions related to the above this will now go ahead. Argyll and the Isles Enterprise are to send a funding application form for the purpose of employing a lawyer. A copy of our Draft Memorandum and Articles have been sent to AIE.


Duncan raised the problem of parking outside the Hall. He is concerned about the fire engine being unable to get past due to bad parking. Julian proposed including a warning about this in the circular letter which is to go to all households.

Orchestre del Sol concert - Due to poor attendance this made only £27.53 before paying the shop bill. However for those who did attend the evening was an outstanding success and Duncan is to convey the Committee’s appreciation to the band who gave their services without charge. It is hoped they can be persuaded to return.

Mouse poison - This has been deployed by Duncan in the Hall.

Pay Phone - Beth Campbell has asked if this could be got to take 10pence coins. It was thought that it already does.

Curtains in Bar - Roger suggested these were dangerous as they were positioned too near the heater. It was agreed they would be removed.

Whist Drive - Gilly proposed this as an event for Saturday 15April. Anna agreed to organise this and Julian offered to do posters.


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