PRESENT – Jennifer Allan, Duncan Brooks, Gilly Dixon-Spain, Archie McGillivary, Hubert Saldanha, Anna Stewart, Denise Willis, Carol Wormleighton and Julian Wormleighton.  

1. APOLOGIES – Mary McDougall.  

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Minutes of Special Meeting 26 January 2006 approved by Jennifer seconded by Anna.  Minutes of Meeting 26 January 2006 approved by Hubert seconded by Gilly.

 3. MATTERS ARISING – New Tables – Jennifer had catalogues from Viking and CGL, the committee looked at the various options and agreed that Jennifer should ask CGL if we could have a table to try on approval.

Main Hall Floor – Julian has accepted the quote and the work will be done commencing Tuesday 04 April as this will allow the Doctors surgery access on the Monday.  Julian will look into getting a replacement lock for the rear access door before April to allow access from outside.  Hubert will send a note to regular Hall users to let them know about the Hall closure.

Sample ‘No Smoking’ signs – It was agreed Julian should purchase 1 notice for the exterior and we can just laminate some for interior use.

Filing cabinet – looked at CGL and Viking, agreed that Gilly and Jennifer should purchase a new suitable 4 drawer cabinet from CGL and arrange for Mull Builders to transport it with the table.

It was agreed that Anna should purchase 3 clear boxes for the storage of Christmas decorations.  

4. HALL DEVELOPMENT – No responses from newsletter received.  It was agreed that Julian should send out a circular reminding people of the Open Meeting to discuss the Hall development on Wednesday 1 March at 8pm .

It was agreed that Julian should write to Mr Coomb explaining the situation regarding Hall developments.

Feasibilty study – it was agreed that the study has been completed, although we have yet to receive the final document.  It was agreed that  the Architect should be released from any further undertakings.  The Quantity Surveyor has undertaken the work at no charge to the Hall.  Julian will ask the QS about the figures for the running and maintenance of the Hall.  We should have some drawings to display at the meeting on 1 March – Gilly also suggested having a cost summary on display.

District Valuers Report – Julian received the report from the District Valuer which had the following valuations:

Land to the North Gable extending 7.5m - £7500

1st Car Parking area  (Mr Coomb) - £2000

2nd Car Parking area (Brooks) - £1000 to purchase, £75/pa to rent.

Julian will send a copy of the report to the Community Land Unit and we should be reimbursed the DV fees.

There is a ‘Meet the Funders open day in Lochgilphead on Friday 3rd March, there will be representatives from the Big Lottery Fund there – amongst others.   It was agreed that Julian and Duncan will attend.  

5. TREASURERS REPORT – Employers Liability – it is a requirement for every business to have this, it was agreed that we should proceed with this.  Hubert will contact NFU and get cover for up to 20 people assisting, this will cost about £300.

Valentine Tea – we made £140.

The District Valuer reported that the rental for the Doctors Surgery should be £1500/pa and that electricity should be charged at £200/pa or 12.5% of the rent – Hubert and Julian will discuss this with Dr McNicol.  The rent for the surgery has been paid for this year.

It was suggested that we should look at the possibility of using a different supplier for our electricity – Duncan will enquire about this.  

6. PUBLIC ENTERTAINMENT LICENCE – After much research, speaking to other Hall Committees and discussion into getting a PEL, it was agreed that we should not pursue this matter any further until we either have a new hall or the existing one has been refurbished.

 7. COMPUTER GROUP – Denise said  the Computer Group would like to continue as a sub-group of the Hall – everyone agreed to this.  As the Computer Group no longer need any of the equipment at the Hall they have offered the Hall the large cupboard at no charge – the committee agreed that they would like to keep the cupboard and thanked the Computer Group.

 8. FUTURE EVENTS – Anna has spoken to I J McDonald (who played at N Yr) and he is able to play on the 21st July, his charge is £390 including his B+B for 2.  It was agreed that Gilly will speak to Pete and Mary regarding the arrangements about bands and B+B payment and perhaps we could keep the arrangements as they are – Band responsible for B+B and any charges should account for this.  It was agreed that other summer dance arrangements should be made as soon as possible after the AGM.

 9. AGM– Hubert has agreed that he would be able to assist any new treasurer with book keeping and Gilly suggested that we should have another committee member to take bookings as there is a lot of work for the Treasurer, everyone agreed that this was a good idea.

Co Ltd by Guarantee – AIE have said that it would be desirable at the AGM to propose a resolution that authorises the new committee to proceed with the establishment of the new company, identify the interim board membership and provide for the winding up of the current organisation and the transfer of its assets to the new company.  The resolutions need drafting and publishing with the Agenda – Gilly, Carol, Jennifer and Julian will do this.

10. AOB – Carol has purchased several Lo Energy light bulbs very cheaply which we can use to replace existing bulbs as required


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