Lighting up Appin & Lismore




15 delegates, twelve from the Appin area and three from Lismore took part in a seminar on 29th October 2007 sponsored by Scottish Sea Farms, SNH & HIE Argyll & the Islands Enterprise. Eric Spence was the facilitator and the North Argyll Community Trust (NACT) supported the steering group in organising the event.


Background Information: The main aim of the March 2006 Strategy was to address the issues which underpin the rural economy, and identify future projects with an emphasis on sustainable tourism. A steering group with members from both communities was set up as a result to take forward identified projects. So far, with help from Donald Black and Marina Curran-Colthart, a walks leaflet for Lismore has been produced. Via NACT, grant applications are in progress for restoring and promoting the footpath network in the Appin area.


What this event was for:


What was discussed:

The five main points of the original Strategy Document were addressed and discussed. These Are:



(Projects on Lismore and in Appin are currently underway)






The Outcomes of the Evening:

The following notes outline the main issues raised by those present. They are listed below, but not in any order of importance or significance. Many were raised in response to more than one of the five man strategy points:















      Community Support

      Business start-up support

      Business Development

      Training Assistance



The Next Step


The Strategy Steering Group is meeting again the New Year. It was thought that if people had more ideas for projects that might be developed they should make contact with their local group (Alison MacCorquodale in Appin 01631 730205 and  Pauline Dowling(01631 760 293) on Lismore). These will all be discussed at the January meeting and the next step for Action decided.


Any comments can be directed to the two above or Carol Collis at NACT 01852 300099,


Circulation of this summary:

All the delegates who came to the meeting

Those who expressed and interest but who could not attend

The residents of Appin & Lismore via

Lismore and Appin Community Websites

Lismore Museum

Appin Community Council

Lismore Community Council

HIE Argyll & the Islands


SNH Oban Office


* Copy of the strategy available at these locations in hard copy or on computer. (Can be e-mailed to interested parties)

SNH Oban Office

Appin Community Council

Lismore Community Council

Lismore Museum

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