Lismore Community Website Group

Hello to all our wonderful supporters and visitors to this website.

The Lismore Community Website Group was established in January 2001 as a sub group of the Lismore Public Hall Committee.
Our initial aim was to provide a free public internet access and encourage, support and provide training to Islanders to learn about computers and the internet.
At this time there was no broadband on the Island (remember the days of dial-up connections and speeds of 52k, if you were lucky).
In 2003 the North Argyll Islands Digital Community Project, run by Argyll and Bute Council, provided every household in the Island with a new computer and internet access.

We became very involved with this successful project and felt that within a couple of years our initial aims had been achieved:
The Island was technically savvy!

Since then we have concentrated on developing and maintaining the Island’s Community website.

Over the years the website has grown immensely and now contains a huge wealth of information and provides an excellent snapshot of the Island of Lismore in the early 21st Century.

However, it is a Community Website and we do need your help in developing it.
This includes those of you living off the Island as well as Islanders!
Please read through the sections below.


Details about the Group and Contact Details

Advertising on the Website – Local Businesses Voluntary / Charitable Groups on the Island

Website Funding

Send in Stories, Updates and Ideas – It is your Community Website


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