Ten Year Anniversary Competition

The Lismore Community Website has now been running for 10 years and to celebrate we held a competition.

We have a bottle of 10 year old Lismore Single Malt Whisky for a prize.
(Kindly donated by Wm Lundie Ltd)

Below are 10 pictures of Lismore School Children taken over the years, all you had to do is date the photos.
The pictures have been dated for us by the Historical Society. 
An answer was judged correct if it is this date or 1 year either side.

Closing Date was Saturday 24th September 2011.

Thank you to everyone who entered.
We had joint winners Fiona Lees and Sean MacDonald who both had 8 correct answers.
We decided to give both a prize.
We only had one bottle of 10 year old Lismore Whisky, and after drawing names from a hat, Fiona wins this.
We have a bottle of 8 year old Lismore Whisky for Sean.

 Answers are given below

1974 1987
1948 1998
1953 1937
1995 1911
1982 1939
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