Membership Application Form

Information about the new Community Trust was circulated recently: we are currently seeking members, who will vote in the full Board of the Trust at the AGM on 9th June 2011.

Your membership forms are enclosed; if you wish to become a member, please complete the form and return it to Mandie Currie, the Company Secretary, Achuaran Farm. There are three categories of membership, which are described on the form - please contact Mandie or another member of the Interim Board if you have any queries or are unsure about your eligibility.

PLEASE JOIN! By becoming a member, you can vote in the Lismore Community Trust (LCT) Board and get involved in projects that will benefit the whole community.

Nomination forms for Directors will be available from mid May please consider standing as a Director, we need as many people taking part as possible. The Trust can have a maximum of 15 Directors (minimum of five) comprising nine Elected Directors; three Co-opted Directors and three Appointed Directors (from external agencies only if we want them).

Members of the Interim Board will be calling over the next couple of weeks, to encourage you to become a Trust member. They can help you to complete the form if you wish. Alternatively, please complete and send your form to Mandie Currie.

If you have spotted a problem with this page or would like to suggest an improvement, please email us to let us know.

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