Its decision time says Lismore Community Development Trust Steering Group



In the Summer of 2008 the Island voted for the Lismore Community Development Trust to go ahead and a Steering Group was elected.


Since then, the elected Steering Group has been getting to grips with the legal and charitable rules governing the setting up of a Development Trust, and researching funding for the initial set-up and for large and smaller scale projects to benefit the Community.


The next stage is for the Steering Group to begin to draft a Community Development Plan for the Island, which will then be circulated for consultation on the Island.  Members of the Community identified a long list of potential projects at the consultation day in January 2008, but this list now needs to be rationalised and the short, medium and long term priorities agreed. This is also an opportunity for anyone to come up with new ideas for potential projects.


For example, would you like to see a sheltered harbour and pier or pontoons built, or a slaughterhouse developed with packing and cold store facilities on Lismore? Or maybe a Lismore renewable energy scheme to raise funds for the community. Or perhaps affordable housing built for rent or purchase by young families. Are you are concerned that old dykes should be maintained? or do you think that we should have a planned and managed path network for walking, cycling, and riding etc? Or more simply would you like to see the quay at Achnacroish cleaned up?


As a community we can think big or small, but advisors have stressed that we should start at least with a project that is  achievable in the near rather than the distant future, that will attract external funding and ideally one that will earn money itself to enable other projects to follow on.


Come along and have your say about what projects are right for Lismore Ė either between 2pm and 5pm or between 7pm and 10pm on 23 January at the Public Hall. Tea and cake will be provided. Or if you are unable to make this date please give any member of the Steering Group a call or send them an e-mail and we can look at other ways to include your feedback.


If you donít let us know what you think we canít act on it.


Steering Group Members: Mary MacDougall, Mark Willis, John Carmichael, McCormick, Mandie Currie, Jeremy Gilchrist, Nicky Lewis