Lismore Community Development Trust Ballot

Nominations for Steering Group



At its meeting at 20.00 on 21 May 2008 the Working Group registered receipt of the following valid nominations for the Steering Group: -


Robbie Cook, proposed by John Livingstone, seconded by Gregor MacDougall


Mark Willis, proposed by Archie MacGillivray, seconded by Denise Willis


James MacCormick, proposed by John Carmichael, seconded by Archie MacGillivray


Amanda Currie, proposed by Lamont MacGillivray, seconded by Anne MacCormick


Archie MacGillivray, proposed by James MacCormick, seconded by John Carmichael


John Carmichael, proposed by Archie MacGillivray, seconded by James MacCormick


Mary MacDougall, proposed by Gregor MacDougall, seconded by John Livingstone


Nicola Lewis, proposed by Bob Hay, seconded by Dot Hay


Jeremy Gilchrist, proposed by Liz Buckle, seconded by David Wilson


Six other nomination forms received were declared invalid.


The number of valid nominations received being equal to the number of places available on the Steering Group, all those nominees listed above are appointed to the Steering Group, which is charged with taking forward the establishment of the Community Development Trust, in accordance with the outcome of the ballot held in April 2008.


The Working Group, having completed its task, has now been dissolved.


Lismore Community Development Trust Working Group                                                                                                              22 May 2008