Minutes of the meeting of Lismore Development Trust Working Group

Time and date of meeting:  Wednesday 13th February                         

Venue: Hall

Present: Mandie Currie, Roger Dixon-Spain, Yorick Paine, Julian Wormleighton, Bob Hay, Mary MacDougall, Jeremy Gilchrist.

Apologies: Archie MacGillivray, Mary Walker.

Agenda Items

Action by:

 1/ Minutes of last meeting.

Key points discussed:Minutes approved, proposed by Julian, seconded by Bob.

Agreed action:



2. Roundup and conclusions on Consultation events.

Key points discussed: It was felt the consultation had been a success. About 60 had attended and most had engaged with the displays. Mandie warned against taking the sheer numbers of ‘approval’ dots too literally since there was no limit on supply; however Julien said that it did at least represent an indication of particular interest.

Agreed action: Julian to prepare summary for pre-ballot meeting.

- Thanks were expressed by the Chair and members to Julian for his work in managing the consultation event.








3. Public Meeting.

Key points discussed: Discussion centred round Bob’s report document. He agreed to make it more punchy with bullet points.

Agreed action:

This report is to be sent out  with the invitation to the public meeting, as well as with the ballot paper.

The public meeting should take place on the 7th March at 8pm.

Roger will produce a poster.









4. Ballot

Key points discussed: The ballot is to be carried out  by an independent auditor. It will be based upon the electoral register. At least 50% of the electorate should be in favour of the formation of the trust for the project to continue.

Agreed action: Julian to investigate full access to the electoral register, the use of Argyll and Bute services for running the ballot.










5. Future of Group

Key points discussed: Once the working party has made its recommendations to the community and carried out the ballot, its work will be over. If there is a vote in favour of a trust there will need to be a new group formed to establish the trust itself, provisionally titled the steering group. Nominations could be made for membership of this group. If there were more than nine nominations an election would be held.

Agreed action: Mandie to propose a method for electing the new group.










6. Visits to other trusts.

Key points discussed: No visits have yet taken place. The trust on Mull wants £400 to organise a visit for us. This is acceptable.

Easdale and Gigha were also on our list but hard to pin down.

Agreed action: Julian to continue making efforts to coordinate group members to agree dates that can be put to other islands.








7.  Next Meeting

Key points discussed:  Next meeting is at 8pm, Thursday 28th February.

Agreed action: Mary to chair, Roger to do the minutes.