A copy of the draft minutes of the Second Working Group meeting, held on 24 September 2007, have been posted on the island website.


The next meeting of the Working Group will be held at Lismore Public Hall at 19.30 on Wednesday 10 October 2007.  The meeting will be open to the public and there will be an opportunity for contributions from members of the public at the start and conclusion of the meeting.


Draft Agenda


1.  Apologies


2.  Approval of the minutes of the last meeting (24 September)


3.  Funding Update (Mandie Currie)


4.  Discussions with Agencies (Julian Wormleighton)


5.  Membership of the proposed Trust (criteria, classes and age threshold)


6.  Decision making in the proposed Trust


7.  Arrangements for consulting the island on potential benefits of the Trust.


8.  Preparation for the visit of Tom Black, Development Officer of Development Trust Association Scotland, on 29 October


9.  Chair and minute-taker for the next meeting


10.  AOB