Minutes of Meeting held at 19.30, Monday 24 September in Lismore Public Hall



Tony Baker, Mandie Currie, Bob Hay, Mary Walker, Teenie Wilson, Julian Wormleighton



Roger Dixon-Spain, Duncan Drysdale, Jeremy Gilchrist, Charlie Jack, Freda MacGregor, Yorick Paine, Anna Stewart



Robbie Cook, Davy Garrett, Rose Howard, Tamsin MacVean



1. Minutes of the Last Meeting, 20 August


1.1The Minutes were accepted without alteration.  Proposed by Teenie Wilson and seconded by Mary Walker.




2. Action on Funding the Activities of the Working Party


2.1 Mandie Currie had applied to the Scottish Government for a grant, on the basis of the expected expenses tabled at the last meeting.  A decision should be made within 8 weeks.




2.2 Julian Wormleighton had confirmed that the Hall Committee would not charge the Working Party for the use of the Hall in the meantime, although this might change when the Working Party was in receipt of funding.


2.3  It was agreed that members of the Working Party would pay £1 at the next meeting towards the cost of tea and coffee, and to top up the fund as necessary at subsequent meetings.  Anna Stewart was thanked for providing the supplies for this meeting.




3.  Reports of Sub-Groups


3.1  Scoping Other Development Trusts Sub-Group (TB, MC, JW).  Review papers were tabled by MC and JW, and considered in full.  A short list of Trusts for further study was drawn up (Arran, Colonsay, Ekopia, Morvern, Mull & Iona, Ness and Tiree, with Gigha also possible), and the sub-group would now make contact with each.  It was anticipated that visits would be made to two or three of these Trusts.




3.2 Legal Aspects Sub-Group (RD-S, JG, BH, TW).  Minutes of the meeting of the sub-group, and a financial transactions flow chart formulated by TW, had been circulated in advance.  It was noted that nearly all of the Trusts considered by the Scoping sub-group were Companies Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status, the structure recommended by CDAS.  Without further information from the Scottish Government, it was not possible to consider the appropriateness of the proposed “Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation” for our purposes (BH to keep under review).  The financial transactions flow chart was discussed in detail;  it was agreed that no further action on this aspect was needed for the moment.  It was noted that the Working Party was now a Provisional Member of CDAS, and the CDAS Toolkit was tabled.  Teenie Wilson agreed to circulate it round Working Party members, and to keep a record of Working Party expenses (including the cost of the Toolkit).  Bob Hay agreed to ask Tom Black, the Development Officer of CDAS, about passwords for full access to the Association website.  It was agreed that Mr Black would attend a special meeting of the Working Party on 29 October at 7.30 (JW to confirm booking of the Hall;  BH to circulate information to all members).  Clarification would be sought from CDAS about the minimum age for full membership of a Trust (why not 16?).  It was agreed that there should be no work on the Memorandum and Articles of Association until the consultation with other Trusts had taken place.  The consultation should include taking advice on drafting clauses relation to property (e.g. involving declarations of interest and rights of purchase). 




3.3  Decision-making Sub-Group (MC, TW)  A very full discussion paper had been circulated.  There was extended discussion of:  roles of the Board; dealing with difficult decisions; quorum at meetings for decision-making; and the percentage required at a voting meeting.  Bearing in mind the fact that uninterested islanders would probably not register as members, levels greater than 50% might be appropriate (the concept of “overwhelming support).  It was agreed that these issues should be raised, in detail, during the consultation of other Trusts, and the paper reviewed accordingly.. 


3.4  Communications & Information Flow Sub-Group (MC, YP, MW).  A very full and informative discussion paper had been circulated.  The wide-ranging proposals would be reviewed in the light of the consultation exercise.




4.  Discussions with Agencies


4.1 Julian Wormleighton reported on discussions with Donald Melville of HIE, who, once he was convinced that the island had the human resources to initiate a development trust, provided useful advice on a range of sources of help.  JW would also contact Argyll and Bute Council, Community Learning and Regeneration; and the Crofters’ Commission.




5. Next Steps


5.1 The next Meeting of the Working Party would be on 10 October, at 7.30 in the Hall (JW to book).  The agenda, to be circulated by BH, would concentrate on Membership; Decision Making; and considering a draft letter (action MC, MW) to be sent to all residents in preparation for a community workshop on islanders’ “wish lists for the future” (possibly 1 or 2 November).  For this meeting, the Chair would be Mary Walker and Bob Hay would take the Minutes.




5.2  The Working Party would meet Tom Black of CDAS on 29 October.  Bob Hay to send him a set of Working Party discussion papers