Working Group on a Community Development Trust for Lismore

Terms of Reference




Purpose of the Working Group: to investigate the feasibility of establishing a Community Development Trust on Lismore


Role of the Working Group: to gather relevant information, investigate options and prepare a report with recommendations - based on evidence and examples from elsewhere. Present the report at a public meeting on Lismore.


The group does not have any decision making responsibilities or powers. Its lifespan will be limited to the period of the feasibility study and the establishment of a Development Trust, should this be the decision of the community.



o        to identify the benefits and disadvantages of a Community Development Trust for Lismore;

o        to outline the various options for the island;

o        to report back to a public meeting. 


A decision on whether or not to proceed with setting up a Trust will be made by the community.





1.       Investigate Development Trusts that have been established by communities elsewhere (many exist in Argyll) - what they have achieved; what benefits they have brought to the community; what are the disadvantages; how they got started; what problems they have encountered and how these were resolved; how they are structured and governed


2.       Make contact with relevant organisations – Development Trusts Association, CADISPA, Argyll & Bute Social Enterprise Network etc


3.       Outline the range of possible constitutions for a Community Development Organisation and identify the model that would best suit Lismore community’s needs


4.       Identify the possible scope of a Development Trust on Lismore - purpose, role and activities


5.       Identify and describe the benefits and disadvantages of setting up a Community Development Trust on Lismore


6.       Outline the options for bringing in funding to Lismore in a strategic and co-ordinated way – i.e. the various types of Trusts that could be set up, or different ways that the existing bodies on Lismore might work together without setting up a Trust


7.       Identify mechanisms for inclusive decision making by the community and procedures for sharing information within the community and with external stakeholders


8.       Prepare recommendations on the preferred option(s)


9.       Circulate a report to all households and then present this at a public meeting on Lismore.