Minutes of Meeting held at 19.30, Monday 20 August in Lismore Public Hall



Tony Baker, John Carmichael, Robbie Cook, Mandie Currie, Roger Dixon-Spain,

Duncan Drysdale, Jeremy Gilchrist, Bob Hay, Mary MacDougall, Archie MacGillivray,

 Freda MacGregor, Tamsin McVean, Yorick Paine, Anna Stewart, Mary Walker, Teenie Wilson, Julian Wormleighton




Charlie Jack



1. Agenda


1.1 Agreed to adopt the draft agenda for this first meeting (attached) tabled by Mandie C.




2. Composition of Working Group


2.1 All present plus Charlie Jack, Davie Garrett, Rose Howard and Harry Morton had expressed interest in participating in the Working Group. Despite 12 having previously been suggested as the optimum number of members it was agreed that the Working group should comprise all those who had volunteered. There was some doubt as to Harry Morton’s ability to attend meetings of the group.




3. Chair and Minute-taker


3.1 Agreed that the tasks of chairing and taking minutes of meetings should rotate, amongst all those willing, for each meeting. Agreed that Mandie C. take the chair for the first meeting and Julian W. take minutes




4. Terms of Reference and Timescales


4.1 Agreed to adopt draft (attached) Terms of Reference tabled by Mandie C.




4.2 Agreed that the group would aim to report its findings to a public meeting in three months time




5. Information Dissemination and Public Participation


5.1 Agreed that notice of meetings, agendas and minutes be displayed on notice board at shop and posted on Isle of Lismore website




5.2 Agreed that meetings of the Working Group will be open to members of the public and that a period of five minutes will be allowed at the start and conclusion of each meeting for contributions and questions from the public. In order to facilitate the efficient conduct of business it was agreed that intervention by the public would not be permitted during other parts of the meeting

Meeting Chair



5.3 Agreed that all members with internet access would receive minutes and other communications by email. All email addresses to be supplied to Julian W., who would circulate list

All on the internet



6. Funding for Working Group Activities


6.1 Agreed that application for assistance should be made to one or more funding bodies for a grant to cover the costs incurred in undertaking the group’s work. The draft assessment of anticipated costs (attached) tabled by Mandie C. was agreed subject to a modest increase in some allocations, whilst keeping the total estimated cost within the £5,000 ceiling of a number of funders




6.2 Mandie C. agreed to refine cost assessment and submit grant applications




6.3 Agreed that the Hall Committee be asked to consider waiving or postponing charges for use by the working group of the hall for meetings until grant funding is obtained




7. Action Plan and Allocation of Tasks


7.1 Mandie C. tabled a suggested list of work to be undertaken by the group. The list was agreed as an action plan and certain tasks were allocated for action before the next meeting. Where more than one member was to undertake a task a convenor was identified. The attached action plan identifies tasks allocated to convenors and other members

See Action Plan



7.2 Subject to confirmation that no membership fee would be payable in advance of a trust being formed it was agreed that the group should seek provisional membership of the Development Trusts Association. Membership of the Association gives access to information not otherwise available to the public




8. Date, Venue and Agenda for Next Meeting


8.1 Agreed that the next meeting to be held at 19.30, Monday 24 September 2007 in the Hall




8.2 Agreed that the agenda will mainly comprise feedback on the action plan




8.3 Agreed that Madie C. will chair the next meeting and Bob Hay will take minutes




8.4 Agreed that tea/coffee and biscuits be provided at next meeting. Arrangements to be made by Anna S.