Working Group on establishing a Community Development Trust for Lismore

Meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Monday 20th August 2007



Draft Agenda



  1. Welcome and introduction (Mandie Currie) – agree size and composition of Group


  1. Agree Chair and Minute-taker – suggest rotate these at each meeting


  1. Approve agenda


  1. Why Are We Here? - Terms of Reference for the group (draft attached, to be approved at meeting)


  1. Funding for Working Group activities


  1. Scope action required - agree action plan and lead individuals (who’s going to do what and by when)


  1. Outputs to be delivered by next meeting


  1. Date, venue and agenda for next meeting


  1. Chair, minute-taker for next meeting


  1. AOB






NB – it will be easier to circulate minutes, share information etc by E mail, so could anyone with access to Email please bring their address to the meeting. A list will be compiled and circulated to all Working Group members.