Lismore Community Development Trust Working Group -  Suggested Initial Actions







Scope other Community Development Trusts:

o         Identify a list of Trusts to investigate further

o         Visit websites, contact &/or visit the most appropriate Trusts

o         Contact support organisations - Development Trusts Association, ABSEN, Corum Trust, CADISPA etc for information/advice

o         Identify:

o         What’s worked & what hasn’t

o         How did they get started?

o         What funding did they access?

o         Their legal structure, governance & membership

o         Admin systems/financial controls

o         How often do they meet?

o         What is the scope of the organisation – what do they do?

o         What are their decision making processes?

o         How do they involve the community?

o         What have they achieved?

o         What are their plans for the future?

o         Are they generating income? – how?

o         Prepare full checklist of points to cover/questions to answer

Robbie (convener)



Mary McD




Initial scoping list by 24th September


Estimate costs for initial preparatory work & prepare & submit a funding bid to cover costs - venues; visits; legal advice; admin etc


24th August


Discuss ideas for a CDT with agencies, A&B Council


24th September


Organise speakers from support organisation & existing CDT to describe/explain Development Trusts to a public meeting

To be decided

After next meeting


Seek legal/financial advice on options for Trust constitution & legal/financial structures - collate information on possible options:

o         Can the Board simply be the whole community?

o         Does there have to be a Board?

o         How many members (min/max)?

o         Their role & their legal/community responsibilities

o         How are Board members elected? how long do they remain in post before re-elections, how often can they be re-elected?

o         Meetings – number, frequency, structure

o         Bank account – no. people needed as signatories?

o         Arrangements for managing bank account

Bob (Convener)




24th September


Identify decision making mechanisms

o         When can the Board make decisions?

o         When does the whole community make decisions?

o         Procedures for involving everyone in decision making – show of hands in meeting; secret ballot; poll etc –  specify methods to be used for different situations



24th September


Communication/information flow :

o         Outline procedures for sharing information within the community & gathering community feedback

o         Identify key stakeholders & the information that we wish to share with them

o         Prepare a Communication Plan

Yorick (Convener)

Mary W.


24th September


Produce ideas on what a Development Trust would actually do for Lismore - to help us to identify the role/purpose/value of a DT for the island:

o         Brainstorm/mind map key issues &/or ideas for possible developments, & how these could be resolved or progressed, either by

a) a Development Trust, or

b) existing organisations, in the absence of a DT

o          Carry out the exercise with the rest of the community

Whole Group

To be agreed at next meeting (before end November)


Prepare a draft (specimen) Memorandum & Articles of Association

To be agreed

By end November


Do we want to start thinking about a Development Plan for the island (this would be useful, whether or not we establish a Development Trust)? Would we do it ourselves of use a consultant? First Steps:

o         Review what’s already happening on the island

o         Organise planning/consultation day

To be agreed

Decide at next meeting - by end November


Scope funding available to Development Trust for development activities

To be agreed

By end November


Audit and map skills within community

To be agreed

Decide at next meeting